Major Undergarment Don’ts For Plus Size Brides

Plus sized women often go through their entire lives with lingerie in boring, neutral colors, which don’t fit well. But when it’s your wedding day, making heads turn when you walk down the aisle is every bride’s dream come true.Nothing can help you accomplish that dream better than some well-fitting underwear underneath your wedding gown.

It is high time that you unlearn the mistakes of your younger days and recognize the undergarment shopping don’ts for plus sized brides. Take a look:

Here are some major undergarment shopping mistakes that Plus sized Brides can make:Plus Size Bridal Bras And Corsets

* Opting for cotton undergarments: Most of the gorgeous wedding gowns are form-fitting and lightweight. When you pair such beautiful attire with cotton lingerie, it is nothing short of a disaster in the making. Cotton as a fabric is famous for getting bunched up and clinging uncomfortably to the skin. Opt for lycra or nylon based undergarments that would support your bust throughout the night.

* Choosing the smaller size: There is a misconception amongst women in general that smaller sized underwear gives you more support and boosts the appearance of a cleavage. But this can’t be more far off from the real truth. While undergarments of a large size would make your breasts sag, those of a smaller size would cut into your flesh and make the entire wedding day a painful event for you. Avail the aid of the staff at the underwear shop and they will help you find undergarments that are exactly the right size.

* Not choosing the right underwear style for you: Lace underwear seems to be the popular option in wedding underwear. But don’t resign yourself to some virginal white lace or fishnet undergarments if your personal style is edgy and bold. Choose underwear that would become a part of your personality and make you feel sexy from the inside out.

* Shying away from colorful lingerie: If you are a bride, you would be used to seeing neutral colors everywhere for several weeks now. Colorful undergarments offer the perfect opportunity to have a little fun with your wedding routine. If your wedding dress has hints of blue, pink, red or even pale green, you can always choose to buy your underwear in muted shades of the same.

Now that you know all the don’ts of underwear shopping for plus sized women, memorize them by heart so that the perfect underwear you choose can fit you like a dream.

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