No Need to E-slim In Order To Wear A Bikini

Whoever said that you need to work out in order to wear sexy bikinis, clearly hadn’t set their eyes on these plus size models in swimsuits! What did you think? Just because a woman has curves, there is only so much that she can wear? It is okay to be plus size models in dresses, but not so much in a bathing suit? Well that is where you’re wrong my friend!

If you think only Giselle Bundchen looks smoking in a bikini, take a look at these bodacious beauties and be blown away by what you see:

Plus Size Models In BikinisPrecious Lee: honey you have not seen much if you have not seen Precious Lee, she is that precious! One of the most famous plus size models in swimsuits to feature in the swimwear issue of Sports Illustrated, this beauty is not just about the body. Her entire demeanour: from her face to her eyes to all features demand equal attention.

Denise Bidot: when Denise Bidot was asked to step in front of the camera on the Tyra Banks show, little did she know that such fame awaits her! Not only does she have modelling contracts with the likes of Old Navy and Forever21, and models across the globe, she is also a valuable advocate and speaker for the equality in the industry regarding the plus size women. This woman with her seductive size 14, knows how to rock a swimsuit and how!

Robin Lawley: this bodacious goddess, stands pretty tall at 6ft2. And if reports are anything to go by, she has a teeny waist of just 29 inches. That’s really not all that much! Her career skyrocketed when she appeared on vogue and since then there has been no looking back.

But if sports illustrated be your holy Bible, then you would be glad to know that other bombshells graze the satiny pages too! Quite recently Myla Dalbeiso had posted some bikini clad photos on her instagram account. She was also quoted as saying that it is indeed a great platform for all women, because in the days of constant body shaming, plus size models in swimsuit are like a breath of fresh air lending a feeling of relatability to normal curvy and plus size women.

Women should not be held in gun point being forced to be of a certain body type, trying to fit in according to the mindset of some people. They need to be allowed to do what their body and soul is comfortable with.

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