Wearing Bikinis Isn’t Only For Slim People

The scorching heat that comes along during the summers calls for a few added things. Tangy foods to go along with ice water, juices from fresh fruits and increased consumption of cold desserts are how you would determine a typical summer.

For a fashionista and the women all over though, there is another aspect to the summer.

That is to beat the summer by flaunting their bodies in the best bikinis. There are a few things that models look forward to in their life aside from their time in the limelight.

Bikinis For Plus Size Ladies

Cheat meals during their workdays and flaunting their bodies in bikinis during the summer are ones that are at the top of their lists.

Whoever said that you need to work out in order to wear sexy bikinis, clearly hadn’t set their eyes on these plus size models in swimsuits! What did you think?

Just because a woman has curves, there is only so much that she can wear? It is okay to be plus size models in dresses, but not so much in a bathing suit? Well, that is where you’re wrong my friend!

If you thought only the likes of Giselle Bundchen, Gigi Hadid or Bella Hadid and the current crop of supermodels looked smoking in a bikini, you could not be more wrong.

Plus Size Bikini Bottoms

There are some seriously bodacious and curvy women who would give the regular size models a run for their money when it comes to flaunting a bikini.

These beauties have come into their own, become confident of their bodies and decided to not only take on but exceed the expectations of the society and the industry.

Plus Size Bikini Halter Tops

They have given us some serious bikini goals by the way they have owned this piece of clothing and nailed their summer looks. Let us have a look at some of these bodacious women who took the wearing and flaunting a bikini game to another level.

Precious Lee

Her name is significant to what she has done after pulling off her incredible bikini look. Stunning looks with a very pretty body, Precious Lee is one of the most stands out plus size models within the entire fashion industry at the moment.

One of the most famous plus size models in swimsuits to feature in the swimsuit issue of Sports Illustrated, this beauty is not just about the body. Her entire demeanor: from her face to her eyes to all features demand equal attention.

Plus Size Bikini Sets

A model with a tremendous amount of charisma and flair to go along with her wonderful features, Precious Lee sets the limits for how a plus size model should carry a bikini.

She carries it with grace all the while looking smoking hot and that is the perfect combination for any aspiring plus size model when they decide to flaunt their bodies in a bikini.

Denise Bidot

33-year-old Denise Bidot is another plus size model who sets the bar very high when it comes to bikini modeling. The native of Miami, Florida has always been a top role model for any plus size model starting out her journey.

She takes pride in representing the aura case by plus size models and is one of the most sought after plus-size models in the industry at the moment.

Plus Size Bikini Top With Underwire

When Denise Bidot was asked to step in front of the camera on the Tyra Banks show, little did she know that such fame awaits her!

Not only does she have modeling contracts with the likes of Old Navy and Forever21, and models across the globe, she is also a valuable advocate and speaker for the equality in the industry regarding the plus size women.

Plus Size Bikini Tops

This woman with her seductive size 14, knows how to rock a swimsuit and how!

Robyn Lawley

At 6 feet 2 inches, Robyn Lawley is among the tallest plus size models on the fashion circuit. She is also among the prettiest models insight on the circuit currently.

This 30-year-old Australian beauty has turned heads whenever she has turned out in a swimsuit or bikini during the summers. If reports are anything to go by, she has a teeny waist of just 29 inches. That’s really not all that much!

Her career skyrocketed when she appeared on vogue and since then there has been no looking back. Lawley has appeared in campaigns for plus-size brands including Evans, Lane Bryant, Marina Rinaldi, and Persona Collezioni.

Plus Size Bikini Underwire

Lawley also modeled for the debut of H & M’s inclusive line as well as Mango’s plus-size line, Violeta by Mango. She also has her own swimwear line designed by her in collaboration with Bond-Eye Swimwear which was launched in the year 2013.

While the brand is looking to extend its size range in the future, it currently has swimwear ranging from size 8 to size 18.

But if Sports Illustrated is your go-to the magazine to see the bikinis and swimsuits getting flaunted, then you would be glad to know that other bombshells grace their satiny pages too!

Plus Size Bikini With Underwire

Quite recently Myla Dalbeiso had posted some bikini-clad photos on her Instagram account. She was also quoted as saying that it is indeed a great platform for all women, because in the days of constant body shaming, plus size models in swimsuit are like a breath of fresh air lending a feeling of relatability to normal curvy and plus size women.

Time and again plus size models have come and shown that bikinis and swimsuits aren’t for regular size women only. They are for all those women who have the courage and confidence to carry them off.

Plus Size Bikinis High Waisted

Size and shape are just a matter of the brain, they actually do not matter. If you have the self-confidence and the drive to show that your looks, your body shape has what it takes to carry a bikini with grace, you are well within your right to do it.

Plus Size Bikinis

There is no need to hide and stop yourself from wearing what you like. After all, it is your perspective on bikinis and wearing them that matters, nothing else.


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