Intimate Undergarments for the Plus Size Community

Dressing up is an art. Dressing up correctly for every single occasion is the greatest art there is. Nailing the look to perfection and becoming the showstopper at a celebration is a feeling of ecstasy that knows no bounds.

While everyone would want to nail their attire and catch that perfect feeling, not everyone has the ability or in some cases the resources to do it.

The art of dressing upstarts from keeping the smallest details in mind to remembering what to pair with what in order to eventually succeed. There is no certain formula on what makes a dress perfect.

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You just have to keep doing mix and match until you find the best combination. There is a lot of thinking that goes into finding the best attire and it starts with your innerwear or undergarments.

Yes, you heard it right! Undergarments are as important to nailing the perfect outfit as any other thing.

You have to know what to buy that suits you the best. The next important thing is to wear the correct type of undergarments with that particular choice of clothing.

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A wrong choice of undergarments can ruin your whole appearance. Now, coming to plus size undergarments, it’s a bit difficult to find plus size undergarments in a market that is so biased towards thin people.

The Importance of Undergarments


Did you know that 60% of women are not wearing the right bra size? Even if your bra feels comfortable and looks fine, you can’t imagine the difference a properly fitted bra can make.

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But how do you know if you’re choosing a bra that will stay comfortable throughout the day? After all, there is nothing more annoying than when your bra’s underwire begins to poke you rather than provide support.

There are a number of bra types available in the market as you are well aware. So how does one know how to bifurcate one bra from the others.

You have minimizer bras which make your breasts look more firm and are preferred under business wears. Push up bras bring out the hotness by highlighting your cleavage and necklines.

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You can go for strapless bras with silicone that is best for off-shoulder dresses. T-shirt bras are great for daily use.


Full-body shape wears, tanks, lower body shape wears are something you should be aware of. Shapewear helps to bring out the right balance in your body.

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Full-Body shapewear is a great option if you want to wear a slim fit dress. It holds your body together and makes it look even. If you prefer wearing your bra, you can go for tanks that come down till your waist.

The lower body or slipper helps you to control the waist and bums. Your hips look sexier when you wear them.

Shapewear helps to compress the body in bulging areas. The materials that makeup shapewear are a combination of elastic fibers that are sewn in a certain pattern.

Due to this unique and important design, the shapewear disperses areas of fat in one area and spreads it out farther to make you appear slimmer.

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While this is not exactly the biggest advantage for plus size women, it does sound like an additional feature of use.

What is nice about shapewear is that no one will even know that you are wearing it! Many celebrities on the red carpet take advantage of shapewear pieces to help complement their body and make them feel confident in front of the cameras.

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Briefs and Shorts

Plus size briefs and shorts are great as they hold your bums and tummy. They help in shaping your curves properly without making it look saggy.

The shorts don’t have panty lines so they look smooth when working under slim-fit clothes.

You can opt for high waist ones if you want your tummy to be controlled at the same time. They come in different lengths.

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Right from thongs, to invisible underwear there are a lot of options that the plus size ladies can use for different occasions. Bikinis, stretch briefs and other such shorts can be helpful during different occasions.

While the occasion is important, comfort should be a top priority for any plus size lady when selecting the briefs and shorts.

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Comfortable shorts add to the confidence of any person as it adds another layer of positiveness to the entire attire and thus should never be overlooked.

The other innerwear you should own


Camisoles are a quick and easy way to add a little modesty when needed. Gaping on your favorite button-up? Add a cami underneath to keep it office appropriate.

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Unsure how to keep that sheer blouse sexy and not salacious? A black cami will keep it classy. Camisoles can also function as an extra layer under sweaters for chillier days.


As one of the most visible undergarments we wear, tights can be a little tricky at times. That said, when done well tights are a great functional accessory to add to dresses and tailored shorts.

Go easy on this fragile undergarment! Hand wash tights with a gentle detergent and hang them to dry to ensure many more snag-free wears to come.


Plus Size Undergarments For Dresses

There’s been an ugly rumor that bralettes aren’t for busty gals for years, but rest assured that these wireless wonders are for every size and shape! Black lace bralette is among the most popular types of bralette, and one that a plus size lady should own.

Let your black lace bralettes serve a little “peekaboo” style under sheer blouses and other date night ensembles.

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The everyday bralette is another bralette type that is sought after in the world of fashion. Keep an everyday bralette for go-comfort under sweaters and other relaxed looks.

Undergarments are as important to an outfit as any other part of the outfit, perhaps even the most important.

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They lay the foundation for how well the rest of the outfit looks on any given day and thus, it is essential to own a sublime pair of undergarments for any occasion.


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