Plus Size Model Fashion Week Is Gaining Popularity Each Second!

When Marc Jacobs put the limelight on Beth Ditto in 2015, the world of runway otherwise crowded by size twos which are the new size zeroes sat up and took notice. And in the same year designer and model Ashley Graham unveiled her lingerie for the bodacious woman. This trend of incorporating realistic bodies on the runway is the latest trend in the world of fashion and Plus Size Model Fashion Week is the latest thing in the world of glitz and glam.

It is no secret that a Plus Size Model might be a hit with prints but not so much with runways. Even though they are not restricted physically to only the clothing status of the average plus size woman, Plus Size Fashion Weekwhat Lane Bryant had benignly begun, searched for its culmination.

And once again in the September of 2016 Christian Siriano, made five Plus Sized Beauties walk for his show in New York City fashion week. And when asked about it that very year, not only the designer had sounded enthusiastic but had also expressed his desire to stock sizes up to 22. And especially for this show, Ashley Graham sat on the front row dressed in Siriano’s couture. This only enhanced the feeling of solidarity with the normal bustier, curvier women who had hitherto felt as outcasts. This is definitely a huge step considering that even till the 90s this was considered to be a taboo. However, by the time 2016 had rolled in there was a profound sense of inclusion in every sense of the word. If the fashion shows reeked of heavily baked under eyes and blinding highlights and matt puckers, more and more designers included Plus Size Beauties to graze their shows.

Plus Size Models Fashion Week not only is a glorifying platform for curvier models, but in the world riddled with judgement it provides a narrow ray of hope for body positivity- sending out the message, beauty is not defined by size or shape. Everybody and every body type is equally beautiful. The world had sat up and took notice when the curvaceous Ashley Graham appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated- the much coveted swimsuit issue.

It is widely agreed that that the fashion week of last year was the most body positive till date. And within a short while Plus Size Model Fashion Week which was a topic less heard of, has been incorporated into mainstream media and gained much more popularity.

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