Plus Size Models – When Size Never Matters!

Sometimes, being ‘skinny’ and ‘petite’ is considered a medium to look ‘beautiful’. However, this is simple a stereotypical statement and not to mention an ‘unhealthy’ mindset. People around the world are often seen trying new diet programs, doing juice cleanses for becoming ‘skinny’. Now, let me tell you something, this constant focus placed on being skinny is not only exhausting but also quite dangerous. Unlike, women who are afraid to flaunt their flaws there are a few belles who are courageous enough to show off their imperfect figure and accept it as being ‘beautiful’. The embrace and rising profiles of these Plus Size Fashion Models is quite inspiring and they seem to be changing the ‘rules’ in the Fashion Industry.

The Goddess Of Plus Size Modeling

Fashion Designers Using Plus Size ModelsFrom setting up workshops for women of every size achieve their runway dream to penning articles about the unhealthy obsession of people about size zero; these women are redefining the rules. One of the most inspiring Plus Size Models who is obsessed with her beautiful curves and is setting a few examples for all the women above size 10 is Ashley Graham. Only a person hiding under a rock will not know who Ashley Graham is. She has already been featured in the cover of hundreds of reputed fashion magazines and is inspiring young girls to try out their luck in the Fashion Industry.

Be Beautiful At Any Size

Why are these models so rousing? That’s because they are encouraging women of every shape and size to feel beautiful. They are sending out a strong message that everybody has their own ‘flaws’, and there is nothing to be ashamed of it. Naomi Shimada is another plus size model who has been in the fashion industry for the past 15 years and has starred in magazines like Oh Comely and InStyle. She has been very outspoken about the glitches and hard facts of the Modeling Industry.

Curve Project London is a British program which organizes workshops that features casting tips, photo shoots makeup and hair session, runway lessons. The project has created quite a stir in the modeling industry as it persuades women to work hard and make a biz in the industry at any size.

There are even a few models that have changed from normal size to Plus Size as they find it more ‘beautiful and healthy’. Krystel Ren and Katrina are two established models who made the switch decision and own and showcase their frames with dazzling confidence.

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