The Evolution Of The Plus Size Fashion Industry

There are many models who have made their mark on not only the fashion industry but also on the minds of the people. Women like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell have only set the benchmark so high that they inevitably become the source of comparison for the likes of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid today!

But it is not only in the realm of normal fashion but also in the department of plus size fashion industry where the ladies have left a mark so strong that they have not only carved out a niche for themselves but given a ray of hope to all the popular plus size models to make a permanent mark for themselves.

Plus Size Fashion Industry

Whereas previously the fashion industry was looked upon as inclusive, thankfully boundaries are broader now and plus size fashion models are all the rage. Women like Tara Lynn or Ashley Graham have revolutionized the fashion world with such a powerful hand, that the plus size fashion industry has come to a forefront. And let’s face it, it is more inclusive than the ridiculous standards put forward by the regular fashion industry.

And the best part is that it is not just women from America but it is all-inclusive of most places in the world. From Russia emerged Katya Zharkova, a five-foot ten-inch lady who is proud to own her size 14. And perhaps most people would remember as the girl trying to break the stereotypes when she was featured nude alongside a regular fashion model, which not only brought out the discrepancies in their sizes but also brought into the limelight the ridiculous body standards imposed on women by the fashion industry. And while there is plus size models agency in Los Angeles, Katya is represented by the ever so famous Wilhelmina Models.

Plus Size Fashion

It would be nothing short of sacrilege to talk about plus size fashion models and not mention, the one, the original Emme Aronson, who despite having been told to drop a few sizes staunchly held her ground. Her story has become ever so inspiring to women because she had faced body shaming at her home from her own family, especially her stepfather who went a step farther to take up a good old black marker and mark away from the portions of her body which needed to be rid of the cellulite. Imagine being a child, having to endure something so inhumane!

It’s gladdening to find we as human beings and the fashion industry have become more humane towards these women.


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