The New Definition Of Popular – By Plus Size Models

The fashion industry is ever-growing and ever-changing: a dynamic organisation which has to evolve with the changing mindset and the changing industry perception on the very definition of beauty. This is primarily the reason why plus size models are so popular these days!

Plus size models in the USA have especially shown the world how you can be curvy and sexy at the same time! Being desirable does not have any particular size adherence! Whether you are size two or a size ten, you can look as sexy as you want to be!

Plus Size Fashion Models

So women like Ashley Graham, Candice Huffin and the entire brigade can be perceived as harbingers of light, and the flag bearer of a change that was much needed! So what makes these women different from other plus size models in Los Angeles or Las Vegas!

Ashley Graham

Ever since her discovery in 2000, this bodacious beauty has broken social stigmas and has shown the fashion world who is boss! Considered one of the hottest plus size models in the USA, Graham has graced the magazine cover of magazines like Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar! If she doesn’t give you goose-bumps when you look at her, you need to get your eyes checked!

Plus Size Models

Candice Huffine

This curvy lady would make your heart skip a beat. And as a plus size model, she has already been featured on both American and Italian vogue! She is a size twelve who has proudly defied all authorial supervision who has asked her to lose weight!

Anansa Sims

The genes of this lady is just spot on! Of course, it is hard to fault the daughter of a mother who is generally hailed as the first African American woman to graze the cover of American Vogue. And following in her footsteps, Anansa has also starred in campaigns of Kohls’ and Forever21. Organic hand cream reviews

Iskra Lawrence

Here is a pretty faced girl who is not afraid of speaking her mind. Known for having created a stir in the world of fashion as this brave young thing is strictly against filters and other editing methods that might be popular on social media.

Popular Plus Size Models

Tara Lynn

She is also one of the famous plus-size beauties to graze the cover of Vogue and even though the news is she had to fight against body shaming, she is one of the most coveted names in the plus size modeling industry these days! Everyone can’t seem to get enough of her!


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