Plus Size Fashion Model Ashley Alexiss

The fashion industry is undergoing tremendous revamp at the moment. New styles, designer attractions are making a breakthrough and causing a stir in the industry. Think about the likes of Yeezy’s or printed shirts, the fashion industry is gaining rapid strides when it comes to exploring and innovating new sense of style. One such major breakthrough has also come in the form of changing fashion trends for the plus size people.

Over the years, the way fashion for plus size people was looked at could be termed minimal, to say the least. Not a lot to offer when it comes to wardrobe styles or new patterns. A very basic blend of appearances was available in the market for this category and there was a dire need to change this norm.

Ashley Alexiss Model

A need to change the way these special categories of people were looked at from a fashion point of view. There was a need for the inhibitions to drop and for the emerging trends to be associated with all body types, not just the way it had been before.

The industry needed a fresh outlook on these matters and for that, someone from the plus size population had to come on to the scene and create a major impact. Impacts that created a discourse and made the entire industry take notice. And showed that this segment of people had arrived on the fashion scene and we’re here to stay for a long time. One such trailblazer for the plus size community was Ashley Alexiss.

Alexiss, a native of Suffolk in Boston, Massachusetts has been one of the pioneers of the plus size models entering the fashion world. Born on November 25th, 1990, the 28-year-old is an entrepreneur who runs the swimwear company Alexiss Swimwear. One of the internationally recognized and most popular plus size models in the world, Ashley Alexiss along with being a CEO and a model is also a television personality.

Her career began at the age of sixteen in 2006 when she started doing photography assignments with multiple photographers. Ashley is of Caucasian ethnicity and has a graduation degree in communications from Kaplan University. Along with her mother, Velvet Smith she also participated in a reality contest ‘Oxygen’s FixMyMom’.

Ashley Alexiss Playboy Model

Her entry into the modelling field was through an accident. She was one of the contestants on the ‘Miss Teen Massachusetts’ pageant and went on to win it. Having won this contest, she decided that modelling is what she wanted to focus on as a career. It was going to be a difficult task as until then; the models were all slim and trim in nature.

For a plus size person to become a part of such a big industry would come at a cost of facing many obstacles. She went ahead undeterred about this and has now become a recognizable part of the fashion industry. When she entered the industry, the pushback for the plus size models came from society and not from fellow models or the industry, in general, is what she shared.

Her message that she wished to spread upon making it big as a model was that beauty is not about size. Body positivity is extremely crucial for people of all sizes and body types and there should be no typecasting when it comes to individuals based on how they look.

Having become a face to recognize, Ashley Alexiss has gone on to appear in music videos and has also appeared on the front covers of various magazines. Among her other big things is providing tips to various start-ups having now become an entrepreneur herself.

Ashley Alexiss Plus Size Model

With Alexiss Swimwear, she has brought in a different dynamic to the swimwear for plus size people. Her brand provides stylish swimwear for people and makes them feel comfortable when at first the swimwear was such that it made them cover their body.

The other good thing about Ashley Alexiss and Alexiss Swimwear is that she herself models for her brand of swimwear thus becoming an inspiration for many people across the United States and the world. She firmly believes in her mantra that weight should not be a factor in deciding the beauty of a person and her overall personality is all about that. She does what she means and shows the world how to be confident in their body every single day.

When it comes to social media, she has a wide range of followers both on Instagram and Twitter. She boasts of 1.8 million followers worldwide on Instagram with another 213,000 on Twitter. Her social media accounts have a mix of everything. Regular updates about her own brand to go along with her travel snaps and majorly posts about body positivity.

Having been a native of Boston, Massachusetts she has now moved locations and resides in Los Angeles, California with her fiancé Travis Yohe. Her income is earned majorly from her own brand of swimwear and the reality shows and music videos that she is a part of. Along with that she also earns a considerable amount from all the endorsements and posts that she promotes to her vast number of followers on social media.

Model Ashley Alexiss

From being an aspiring model to a celebrity and now a social media star, Ashley Alexiss has become an inspiration for women who have inhibitions about coming out because of their plus size figures and doing what they like.

Ashley Alexiss as one of the first plus size women to come out and face the world after shedding her inhibitions and more importantly being successful in what she has done acts as a beacon of hope for every single woman on a daily basis.

Her transformation from just another model to one of the most recognized and followed people of the industry is a wonderful success story that will be told to every plus size person who believes they need to have a perfect figure to succeed in this industry. Because after all, as Ashley Alexiss says, there is no such thing as a perfect figure.


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