It’s An Insta-Graham World! : The Most Beautiful Plus Size Model

The Internet has undisputedly taken the world by storm! It has made continents seem closer together and connected the whole world, sharing information and ideas without bias.

However, every coin has two sides. Social Media has changed the way people perceive their lives along with the lives of others around them.

Social media influencers and their seemingly extravagant lifestyles have left many of us feeling unhappy or unsatisfied. Pictures of skinny models and cruise liner vacations have convinced all of us that the grass is greener on the other side.

Ashley Graham Barbie

It is reported that 60% of the adult population feel ashamed of their bodies. In this era and age, the acceptance of plus size models has become a beacon of hope. There are several beautiful plus size models that have changed the way the fashion industry portrays beauty. It has changed the way many women around the world perceive beauty. Plus size fashion has played a huge role in promoting body acceptance.

All of us aspire for something, and often see role models in celebrities. Ashley Graham is a plus size model every woman can look up to and every little girl can aspire to be. Here’s why-

Cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Ashley Graham paved the way for other beautiful plus size models by being the first plus-size model to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Ashley Graham bagged this opportunity in the year 2016 launching her into the spotlight. Her career has seen great growth over the years

No Retouching!

Being a strong advocate of body positivity, Ashley Graham does not support retouching or her images and believes that natural beauty should be shown
on magazine covers.

Not only is she a great plus size model, but she is also a strong advocate of authenticity. This makes her stand out even as a plus size model.

Size Is Just A Number!

Ashley Graham was fat-shamed and body-shamed when she first became famous, but nothing has stopped her. Ashley Graham is a size 14, which is considered as plus size in the fashion industry. However, according to the Centre for Disease Control, this is the size of most women in the United States.

Ashley Graham represents women of a size that is common in the average population, yet she was one of the first plus size models to bag deals with top fashion brands. This makes her a very rare yet strong representation of the average American woman.

Represents Many Underappreciated Groups

Not only does Ashley Graham represent plus size women in the fashion industry, but she also represents working mothers all over the world. She has announced her pregnancy in 2019. She continues to work and post photos of herself on social media.

This makes Ashley Graham stand out in all the plus size models. She is a beautiful plus size model who has helped women empowerment in her own way.

Ashley Graham Husband

Proud Mama Bear

Ashley Graham has been rocking her belly bump. Ever since she got pregnant. She has been active on social media sites such as Instagram and posting pictures of her in her pregnancy glow and of course natural appearance. Ashely Graham is a beautiful Instagram model that has made pregnancy a beautiful as well as sensational journey.

Multiple Talents

Not only is she a pioneer of plus size fashion, but she has also ventured into other fields and excelled in them. She has hosted a podcast and spread a lot of awareness about fat-shaming, the bullying that many young teenagers face due to their plus size and the impact the fashion industry and its inability to be inclusive towards plus-size models have on young girls.

She has also hosted a ted talk about the perils of the high beauty standards that society sets for young girls. She is a beautiful plus size model who has used any medium she could to communicate the message of body positivity when it was much needed.

Ashley Graham is also the first plus-size model to be featured in a chart-topping music video. Ashley Graham can be seen flaunting her beautiful and natural curves in the music video of the song ‘Toothbrush’ by Joe Jonas’s band DNCE.

Ashley Graham is also one of the first few plus size models to venture into the fashion industry and make a swimsuit collection. She believes this will help women feel more comfortable with their size and empower women to dress the way they want and not be bogged down by unrealistic expectations they are taught to aim for.

Philanthropy is her Second Nature

Ashley Graham is a beautiful plus size model inside out. She has proven this with the numerous social campaigns and movements she has supported. She is spoken about body positivity and the issues surrounding the beauty standards in today’s world at the UN’s “girl Up’ leadership summit, partnered with the Themba Foundation in Africa and is a proponent of Health at Every Size movement. She is truly the most dedicated and most charming plus size model who has the ability to win over hearts with her looks as well as her kindness.

Ashley Graham has truly changed the definition of beauty and made most women worldwide feel like they could be anything , even a model, no matter what their size is. As a plus size model, Ashley Graham has broken many barriers and still emerged at the top of the game, becoming the first plus size model to grace the cover of Harper Bazaar, Vogue and Elle in 2012.

Search for her Instagram handle to see more of this beautiful plus size model.

Ashley Graham Insta

Ashley Graham’s Hashtag Worthy Campaigns!

Ashley Graham has transcended the barriers of conventional beauty and emerged as one of the world’s leading models, even though she is a plus size model. Ashley Graham was discovered when she was 12. Her modelling career has been growing in leaps and bounds ever since. She is a beautiful plus size model who has adorned the cover of many fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harpar Bazaar and Elle and has been a part of many activities and campaigns.

Her fame is not limited to the fashion industry. She is a respected plus size model who has been a part of many philanthropic activities. She has hosted a ted talk, addressed a UN leadership summit and even written a book about her experiences being a plus size woman and a plus size model in this harsh world of internet trolls.

Her confidence is unparalleled and has proven to be infectious. Everything from her Instagram posts to her interviews and even her campaigns exude confidence and promote body positivity. This may be the reason behind the explosive success of all the campaigns she has been associated with or featured for. Here are some of her most memorable ad campaigns and modelling assignments that have taken the fashion and internet community by storm-

These Bodies are Beautiful At Every Size

This is one of the earliest and one of the most notable campaigns that propelled the idea of acceptance, body positivity and preached self love. What started with a simple picture of Lizzie Miller in her au naturale.

This campaign then blew up when models like Amy lemons, Kate Dillon and Ashley Graham. Ashley Graham is one of the few plus size models who understand that the models who are labelled plus size often represent the majority of the population.

Loud and Proud

Ahsley Graham is a plus size model who has collaborated with the plus size fashion brand addition Elle to create a sensual lingerie collection. The campaign shows Ashley Graham and other plus size models in pretty and comfortable lingerie. This collaboration blew up with the hashtag loud and proud and made many women feel more comfortable with their bodies.

Leave it to Ashely Graham to make a jaw dropping appearance and spread a positive message all at the same time.

Ashley Graham Instagram

I Am Size Sexy

Ashley Graham is a beautiful plus size model that has made headlines not only because of her ad campaigns. She has also taken the internet by storm when she walked the New York Fashion Week, becoming one of the first plus size models to do so. The pictures from.this walk were posted with the hashtag ‘I am Size Sexy’ which garnered a lot of positive feedback and support from women all over the world.

Beauty is Beyond Size

Plus size model Ashley Graham has stated that this campaign has made many women become more proud of their body type and made them ‘stay loud’ and become more powerful.

This campaign was propelled by Ashley Graham’s belief that if more women raised their voices and spread the message through social media, their solidarity would encourage fashion labels to become more inclusive of all types of women.

Ashley Graham posted pictures with this hashtag encouraging beautiful plus size women to take a stand and push fashion brands to change the way they see plus size models and do better by the younger generation.

I’m No Angel

This movement was very famously started by Lane Bryant. But it took the fashion industry and the internet by storm.when famous models like Ashley Graham came forward to support the movement and its a message.

Ashley Graham supported this movement as a plus size model who wanted to challenge the message that a very famous brand Victoria’s Secret has held onto. Their campaigns always feature size zero models and it is no secret that they have refused to make changes and be more inclusive even though the world around them changes.

Lane Bryant along with Ahsley Graham and other beautiful plus size models posted pictures and stories with the hashtag I’m no angel refers to the term coined for Victoria’s Secret models – Angels.

This movement in no way shamed the models who already feature on the magazines but asked for equal representation of other body types in media as well.

Ashley Graham Measurements

Plus is Equal

Another notable movement started by Lane Bryant. This movement aimed to disregard the term ‘Plus Size’ advocating for the idea that the plus size models should not be termed plus size as they represent a majority of women in the world and especially in the States.

This movement was marked by the hashtag plus is Equal and was supported by many beautiful plus size models, one of them being Ashley Graham. She aimed to eradicate the use of the world’s plus size and denounced the idea that women were to be categorised on the basis of their size between plus size and those who were not.

This was an empowering movement that gained much traction after Ashley Graham joined it.

Real is Beautiful

If you are under the impression that Ashley Graham has only been a strong advocate of inclusive fashion and encouraging women to be proud of their shape Anne size, you are about to change your mind! Ashley Graham is a beautiful plus size model that has encouraged raw photos, without any retouching, to be published instead of photos that hide stretch marks and cellulite.

This movement that encouraged many women to stop.chasing the idea of perfection, was marked with the hashtag real is beautiful. This was one of the most successful movements that Ashley Graham supported and propelled.

If you are impressed with the amazing body positive movements that Ashley Graham has been a proud part of, you can also use one of these hashtags to show your support to this loveable plus size model.

10 reasons to Love Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham was the first plus size model to take the fashion industry by storm. When she entered the industry she was called a ‘plus size’ model and this was unheard of for many people in and even outside the industry.

Ashley Graham has since then denounced the label plus size model as she believes her size, which is size 16, is a common size and it represents almost 67% of the women in the States This is why she believes she isn’t an exception but a norm.

This belief has not only given Ashley Graham killer confidence to rock lingerie with flawless fierceness. She has also given many women and young girls the ability to feel confident with their body. Here are some of the many reasons why Ashley Graham is the queen of hearts-

Ashley Graham Model Plus Size

She Rocked Her Pregnancy Bump

Not only does she believe her size is to be celebrated and appreciated, she is a plus size model also believes that pregnancy and the changes in one’s body should be cherished. Which is why she has been sporting beautiful dresses and rocking her maternity style by choosing fitted and comfortable clothing.

Ashley Graham has posted photos with her pregnancy bump showing, the plus size model has also been fierce with her backlash and attempted to make women more comfortable with their bodies in every way.

Her Tedx Talk Left Us Speechless

She is one of the few models, let alone plus size models that hosted a Ted Talk and created quite a buzz.

Rightfully so! Ashley Graham has managed to say some tear jerking instances and lines that have made a lot of women and people rethink the way they define beauty and what it means to be a plus size woman.

Her Book Screams ‘Beauty With Brains!’

Ashley Graham has written a book sharing her experiences as a plus size model and written a heartwarming book spreading her message of body positivity through another medium.

There are many notable quotes and pieces of wisdom in the book, that every woman should read and many women will be able to relate to her experiences.

Ashley Graham is a plus size model who has proven to her that only is every woman beautiful plus in the way she looks but she also by the way she thinks and Ashley Graham is the epitome of beauty.

Natural Beauty

She advocates body positivity and posts natural images on Instagram. Not only do these images contain cellulite and stretch marks, she has also embraced her curves and posted pictures with tan lines.

This proves that she truly embraces all aspects of her body and does not lead young girls to believe that they are any different from the women on the magazine covers.

Not only does Ashley Graham follow this on her social media accounts, she also asks for her photographs not to be retouched when she shoots for magazines and fashion brands.

Ashley Graham Plus Size Model

This is not an easy task. Ashley Graham has faced a lot of backlash and internet trolls for posting her natural, unedited pictures. She has held her head high and continued to post such pictures despite being bullied. This is why she has motivated a lot of girls to feel confident in themselves.

She Crossed a Lot of Hurdles

Not only was she excluded or considered an outsider due to being a plus size model. She is also a strong Latina and has faced racism along with body shaming and fat-shaming. She has never let this bog her.

Ashley Graham has stood against all kind of discrimination and stood for inclusion in all ways. She is truly a pioneer in self-love and body positivity and has been hailed as one of the strongest and most beautiful plus size model.

Launched a Swimwear Brand

Ashley Graham saw that all labels making swimwear did not respect or include plus size women. She launched her own swimwear brand and has made a wave by launching swimsuits that were vibrant, sexy and gave women many options that were not available to them before.

This is one of the reasons why both the collection and Ashley Graham have been successful. Ashley Graham is reportedly worth ten million dollars, a testimony to her beauty as well as business skills. She has always been true to herself and stood for her beliefs throughout.

She has a Barbie

Not only famous fashion labels, but there have been many companies that have been accused of being less inclusive of all types of people. this includes the famous toy that has been a part of many girls’ lives as they are growing up- Barbie.

This doll is so popular that there have been growing concerns about the size and skin color of the dolls. They seem to be exclusively petite white females.

According to experts, it is not possible for a human body to have the proportions that barbie has. Even this famous brand has changed it’s ways and represented Ashley Graham has one of their dolls.

Ashley Graham

This has motivated girls as they not only see their size represented in magazines, they also see a plus size doll that can become their companion and also looks more like them.

These facts might have left your mind blown but they are also the reasons why Ashley Graham deserves more respect and more accolades. We love this beautiful plus size model and now we’re sure you do too! Go ahead and follow her on Instagram to know more about her.