Tips For Getting Ready In Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

Established social conventions have made the entire concept of bridesmaid dresses seem more like a minefield. Afterall, it’s not easy to wear matching shiny satin numbers with a ribbon running through your waistline in a color which you absolutely hate. To make matters worse, plus size ladies are often excluded from the bridesmaid line-up as it gets difficult to come across similar dresses which can accommodate plus size women.

The thing becomes trickier when you are a plus size bridesmaid for the first time. Although you feel honoured for the privilege, the reality of looking flattering in plus size bridesmaid dresses can surely render sleepless nights. The very thought of making alterations and being compared with other skinny ladies can definitely be pretty crippling. Keeping such things in mind, we have come up with a checklist which you need to follow while getting ready in your plus size bridesmaid dresses so that you can feel confident in your skin on your friend’s big day.

Best Bridesmaid Dresses For Plus Size

Curvy ladies need to be mentally prepared for undertaking numerous alterations to their plus size bridesmaid dresses unless they are buying it from specialised retail stores. This is why you need to gain adequate knowhow about the alteration rates and prepare yourself financially for the same.

You can also seek out the assistance of a local seamstress as they can understand your body in a better manner coupled with their rich experience in tailoring. Thus, if you are running on a budget, and cannot afford to spend on altering your plus size bridesmaid dresses from a designer store, then a seamstress can come to your rescue.

If you are not feeling very confident about wearing a strapless bra, then you can have an extra cup stitched to your gown. Although it might seem like an added expense, you are definitely going to thank us as your confidence and comfort level rises up on the special day.

Shapewear is one such thing which can render a seamless finish to plus size bridesmaid dresses almost instantaneously. However, it is advisable not to purchase the same from bridal stores unless you are ready to shell out an exorbitant amount of money.

As an alternative, you can opt for the departmental stores or look up your size online for toned down waist, tummy and hip portions which can make even your slim friends feel envious about your god-gifted curves.

You should always keep some pins, clips and tape handy during the bridal event so that you can tuck in imperfections smoothly and without bringing it to the notice of others.

In many cases, even the plus size bridesmaid dresses run a size small. The main problem arises in the breast and hip portion. This is why it is advisable to order one size up and get it altered according to your proportions. Doing this can accentuate your comfort level and help you breathe normally as you engage in various activities throughout the day.

Long Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

It always pays to be safe than sorry and that is why you should always carry an extra pair of shoes as your legs are bound to pain excruciatingly within just hours of wearing stilettoes especially if you are not accustomed to the same. This extra pair can help you have happy feet and even compliment your reception attire while taking care of your comfort meter.

The plus size bridesmaid dresses are usually accompanied with a built-in corset which can feel uncomfortable after being worn for some time. This is why it gets imperative to wear loose fitting clothes during your hair and makeup session and ultimately change into your bridesmaid gown prior to the final show.

If you are free to decide on the style of your bridesmaid dress, then opt for one which can accentuate your favorite features. An off-the-shoulder number can impart greater definition to your collarbone whereas a V or sweetheart neckline can help in playing up your décolletage.

Choosing plus size bridesmaid dresses having a cinched waist or manually tying a ribbon around the same can create the illusion of an hourglass frame. Fit-and-flare and mermaid are two such silhouettes which are known to flatter the curves of plus sized ladies.

Creative camouflage is one such thing which can de-emphasize the problem areas of plus-sized ladies without making it obvious. A-line shapes tend to bring your waist under the spotlight while being forgiving to thighs.

Plus size bridesmaid dresses having lace illusion sleeves can also serve as a stylish way of showcasing your upper arms without making the extra flabs too prominent. Ruching or soft draping over the bust, belly and backside can also enhance your features in a beautiful manner.

Supportive fabrics such as heavy jersey, stretch satin or taffeta serve as excellent choice of your plus size bridesmaid dresses as they show off your curves without causing any crease or ripple.

Plus Size Long Sleeve Bridesmaid Dresses

Bottom Line

As you are preparing for a long day ahead, it is always advisable to pack in some dry snacks which can be easily accompanied in the pockets of these plus size bridesmaid dresses. Also, make it a point to stay hydrated throughout the day so that you can perform every responsibility with renewed zeal.