Plus Size Bikinis that Pop!

The internet has made it easier for shoppers to get their hands on the latest trends and browse through multiple options to make sure that their outfits look great. Another great thing about this revolutionary invention is that it has brought more emphasis on natural figures and women of all shapes and sizes.

More and more companies have started recognising the need for plus size fashion and introduced different lines that cater to the needs of curvaceous women.

One of the toughest areas to tackle is the plus size swimwear department. If you are a plus size women who feels body-conscious and uncomfortable while picking out a bathing suit, look no more.

Best Bikini Bottoms For Plus Size

Here are some fashionable ideas for plus size bikinis that will help you enjoy your fun time at the beach while looking at your very best-

Bold Colours

To make sure that your bathing suit compliments your body, you need to pick colours and pattern that take attention away from your problem area. You can pick bright designs that include vertical lines and huge prints. This will compliment your body structure and make you look more appealing. This is one of the best ideas for plus size swimwear as it will let you express yourself freely and experiment with different colours.

Strappy Bikinis

One of the best plus size bikinis is the ones that draw attention to your curves. There are many plus size swimsuits that play with straps and use this detail to add an extra oomph factor to your outfit. You can have this detail covering a low plunging neckline or a plunking backside. This can also work wonder when used in your bikini top on its sides.

Best Bikini For Plus Size Women

Vintage Swimsuits

Vintage swimsuits have the one flattering factor that makes it a perfect choice for anyone looking for plus size bikinis. Vintage fashion used to have high rise designs. Vintage swimsuits had bottoms that covered the belly and left only the ribs open. This is a great way to define your structure in a plus size swimsuit as well. This will help you draw attention to your bust and make you look longer and leaner.

High Waisted Bikinis

This brings us to the next one of the most popular plus size swimsuits. High waisted bikinis achieve the same effect as vintage bikinis as you can see above. They are a great way to make you look more toned and your tummy appear flattered. You can play with different colour combinations while selecting your high-rise bikini bottoms. You can match colours like pink and black or red and blue to make your outfit appear different and make you stand out. You can also select a printed bikini top and team it with a solid high-rise bikini bottom to make it one of the best plus size bikinis looks.

Best Bikinis For Plus Sizes

Metallic Bikini

If you are feeling a little experimental or have a romantic date on the beachside you want o make sure you look like a Greek goddess. What better way to make a splash by the pool than to wear a metallic bikini? This will help create a slimming illusion and makes one of the most fashionable plus size bikinis. The holographic effect caused by the metallic colours will make you appear fitter.

Strapless Bikini

One of the best ways to make your body appear toned is to make your shoulders look broader in order to make you look slimmer. One of the best ways to do this is to wear a bandeau bikini top. This will help draw attention to your shoulders and your neck instead of your problem areas.

Strapless bikini tops are a great way to draw attention to your curves without going overboard. It is a simple and subtle change to your regular plus size swimsuit that will make you look great!

Best High Waisted Bikini Plus Size

Halter Neck

Another great way to make your shoulders appear broader is to wear a halter neck. This is a great way to make your shoulders look broader and make your figure look more toned. Plus size bikinis with halter necks can also be experimented with.

You can opt for tops that have some frill at the bottom or have a low plunging neckline if you are comfortable with that. You can choose some minimal floral prints or some bright neon colours. If you want a more subtle look, you can also opt for royal colours such as emerald green or turquoise blue.

Triangle Bikini Tops

Another great way to create a slimming illusion and to draw attention to the top half of your torso instead of the bottom is to use a triangle bikini top. The shape of these tops will create a slimming illusion, making you look more toned. Pair this with a high waisted bikini bottom of the same colour to create a good effect.

Best Plus Size Bikini Tops

Peplum Tank Top

Even if these ideas shaves not convinced you that you can look your best while wearing a plus size bikinis then you can try this trick. Wear a peplum top. These are longer bikini tops that will create the illusion of a plus size swimsuit whereas they are in fact a plus size bikini. They draw attention to your shoulders and chest and make you look slimmer while making you feel confident and giving you a comfortable option.

Ruffle Tops

Another great way to draw attention to your upper body and make it look more toned is to wear ruffle bikini tops. This is a great idea for plus size bikinis as they add another layer drawing attention away from your trouble areas. It also adds some volume near your neck and chest making your torso look slimmer.

Best Plus Size Bikini

These plus size swimsuit ideas should have made you feel more confident in your decision. Wear one of these options with confidence and you are bound to look perfect. Go ahead and try these styles the nest time you go shopping for a pool party without feeling conscious about your body.