Best Plus Size Shapewear For Wearing Your Favorite Dresses & Flaunting Your Envious Curves

Whether you are getting dressed for a special occasion or simply for work, the best plus size shapewear can serve as your ally at all times as you get to flaunt your curves in style. These innovative shapewears can contour your physique in the best possible manner so that you can emphasize your well-endowed assets while camouflaging your problem areas.

Choosing the best plus size shapewear can create an illusion of a slimmer body for rendering a flawless look irrespective of your garment choice. This can also be of great help in accentuating your confidence meter so that you can walk around like an absolute diva and turn the spotlight on yourself wherever you go.

Best Plus Size Shapewear

There was a time when it was pretty difficult for ladies to get their hands, on shapewears, which could strike the right cord of harmony between comfort and looks. However, modern day shapewear designers have answered this growing plea of ladies with comfortable form-fitting shapes, control panels, breathable and lightweight materials.

Today we are going to discuss about the most common types of shapewears which every plus size woman needs to own in her wardrobe. But first we are going to take a look at some general tips which you need to keep in mind while out shopping for the best plus size shapewear.

Primary you will have to decide on the level of control you wish to have. Light control as the name indicates provide lightweight support and can easily smooth out bra and panty lines. Medium control provides comparatively more cinching and compression which can smoothen out all your problem areas. They can also smoothen and cover up both bra and panty lines.

Firm control comprises of reinforced panels which can be worn with comfort over a span of eight hours while offering a seamless finish to your waist and similar problem zones. Last but not the least, the best plus size shapewears having extra-strong level of control provides an ultra-smooth finish with its ample panelling and reinforced material composition such as boning. However, these tend to create discomfort on being worn for long stretches of time.

Every single brand has their very own measurement chart and you need to consult the same before deciding on the best plus size shapewear. It gets easier to pick out the shapewears once you have proper knowledge about your size.

Women often resort to smaller sizes for a greater contour, but this might not flatter their curves in the long run. Apart from the obvious discomfort, your shapewear might also fall apart after being worn for just a few times.

Plus Size Shape Wear

You should also decide on the area you wish to camouflage. Instances are not rare when women buy these shapewears thinking that they will render a smooth appearance to their entire body but are left extremely heartbroken with the end results. Thus, if you have bought a thigh shaper, then it will not be of much use in hiding your belly bulges.

This is why it becomes imperative to have a clear understanding on the various types of shapewears available in the market so that you can make the right choice when it comes to hiding the extra flab in a fab manner.

The Full Body

As the name suggests, the full body shapers can cover your entire body for catering to all your problem areas at once. In many cases, they even include bra straps for rendering greater support to your bust portion. These usually come down till the knee area and offers supreme level of coverage.

The Camisole

If you wish to rock that fitted top with perfection, then the camisole variety can serve as the best plus size shapewear to flatter your curves. Apart from serving as superb layering options during the winter months, they can also keep you happy during summer season as it smooths out bra lines and offers supreme tummy control.

Plus Size Shapewear

They often have bra cut-outs so that you can sport the same with your favorite brassieres for benefitting out of that extra lift. The hooks present at the bottom makes it extremely easy to get in and out of this camisole shapewear.

Shorts or Briefs

This best plus size shapewear is ideal for being teamed up with your everyday outfits as they come in a variety of styles and shaping levels. They mostly feature a blend of nylon and spandex which can impart adequate shape to your midriff while ruching at the back section for uplifting and tightening your rear end.

The fabulous high waist style can keep your entire torso contoured and doesn’t roll down even when you participate in activities of high agility. You can thus easily sport your favorite dresses without having to think about panty lines or tummy bulges as the best plus size shapewear takes care of everything else.

High Waist Thigh Shaper

You can now bid adieu to uncomfortable stitches and seams with the high-waist long shorts which can contour both your midsection as well as your thighs. Their comfortable fit has made these best plus size shapewears a hot favorite of women who wish to balance style with comfort.

A high waist thigh shaper can avoid mid-thigh indentation which is common in other forms of plus size shapewear. They come up under the bust, firm up the tummy and bring in the waist for creating the illusion of a slimmer waist portion which looks flattering especially when paired up with boot cut jeans.

Waist Corset

This particular piece of shapewear sits exactly under the bra and caters to the bulges at the lower tummy portion. You can also alter the control level in accordance with your preference coupled with the accompanying hook. Although these cannot be worn for more than a few hours given the high level of control, it can definitely get the job done within the same.

These best plus size shapewears can emphasize your curves while rendering adequate support to your posture for alleviating all sorts of back pain which millennial women are increasingly struggling with.


Be it a lacy bodysuit or a piece of body-sculpting underwear, the market of shapewear is filled with diverse options for catering to your specific set of requirements. You can thus easily bid goodbye to wearing those extremely tight spandex suits and stock up your closet with the best plus size shapewear made up of more comfortable fabrics for a lightweight feel.