Fashion Aspects for Young Curvy Girls

Over the years, there has been a lot of noise created about how plus size teenage girls and the younger generation of plus size girls were left devoid of choosing their own clothing owing to their size.

It was taken as a setback for the girls not to be able to have as many options as their contemporaries when it came to choosing their sense of style of clothing.

They were deprived of the brands that other slim figured teens of their age could shop from, they were also deprived of the latest styles and trends of young generation clothing because of the lack of brands making plus size clothing.

Curvy Fashion For Women

All that is a thing of the past now. Some of the biggest brands in the world now have joined forces to help and confuse plus size teens and make them spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing their clothes and accessories.

Curvy Fashion Nova

You name the trends, the styles and the types of clothing, everything is available in equal numbers for plus size girls and teenagers. The choices are also very wide in terms of color selection and what size to choose it from.

With all these wonderful things happening in the world of fashion right now, we believe there is a need to help teens find the right style of clothing and make the right decisions while buying clothes for themselves or their friends.

Curvy Fashion Weekend

Getting Over The Dilemma Of What To Buy

With tons of styles, multiple options of colors and a huge number of trends entering the market at a good speed, it is very obvious for teens to get confused and feel a little heavy on their minds when it comes to choosing their clothes from a wide range.

Curvy Figure Fashion

We have tried to make your dilemma of choosing what to buy and what to wear a little simpler. Here are a few selections of clothing items that will help ease your decision-making process.

Before we reach the style of clothing, here are a few tips you can add to your list in order to make your already existing wardrobe feel a bit more stylish and comfortable.

Tucking in your shirt is really helpful: When you’re short every shirt is too long, and when you’re curvy a long shirt can make you look larger around the middle than you are.

Curvy Girl Chic Trends Fashion

An easy way to fix this is to tuck it in. A good rule of thumb is that your shirt should never cover your zipper. If you’re cuffing your jeans it already cuts your leg off, so tucking in your shirt will help section your body in a natural way.

Curvy Girl Fashion Ideas

Also, if you’re going for a baggy boyfriend-jean look, then a fitted, tucked-in shirt is a good contrast for a cleaner look.

Pulling In Your Waist On A Dress Is A Good Option

We are a major fan of the “bag dress,” but it isn’t the most flattering. Pull in your waist for a look that shows off what you’ve got. It’s the oldest trick in the book but it really does work.

Curvy Girl Fashion Summer

If a dress has a cross-seam, belt it! This helps show off your natural curves and will break up your body a bit. Also, it makes your legs look super-long, which is a major plus.

Curvy Girl Festival Fashion

Stay Away From Pants That Bunch At The Bottom

Pants that bunch at the bottom can give a “cankle” look and make you appear shorter than you are. Try a jean that cuts off at the ankle instead. You can try cuffing your jeans or pants if you already have a pair of pants or jeans that bunch at the bottom.

It will help you extend the life of that pair of jeans and also help save your parents’ money.

Curvy Goddess Fashion

What To Do With Your Shirts

It’s unclear whom shirts are made for. But it’s not for short girls. If you have a racerback shirt, tailor it. Pulling up the straps to the correct position will help you look slimmer, and pulling the bottom of your shirt to the right length can cover your bra straps so you don’t have to purchase a special bra for your shirt.

Boxy shirts can make your shoulders look broader than they are. An easy fix is to throw a blazer or jacket over it to soften it up a bit. Long sleeve shirts can give a smaller girl way too much fabric to work with, which basically means you can end up swimming in them. Try cuffing your shirt to help break up the design.

Curvy Mom Fashion

Learn To Embrace Your Curves

We know a lot of plus-size teenage girls who follow one styling rule of hiding the belly. But a lot of times, this results in wearing horrifically unflattering and baggy, fit-for-high-school-PE apparel.

It’s not exactly a recipe for feeling good about yourself. This is why we highly recommend you to embrace your belly and curves so that it helps you exude confidence and grace.

Curvy Womens Fashion Online

These are some of the fashion tips for your already existing wardrobe collection. Let us now dwell a little deeper on the various outfits that you, as a plus-size and curvy teenage girl should look for when on your day out shopping.

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Asymmetrical Dresses Are A Win-Win

Asymmetrical dresses have a whole different vibe to them, don’t they? If a girl is able to pull off an asymmetrical dress with style and elegance, it immediately skyrockets here beauty and personality.

This is why asymmetrical dresses are gaining rapid popularity among teens. They have a different level of charm to them. We would also never tell a girl that she has to wear heels because, to be honest, they’re the worst.

Fashion For Curvy Ladies

But when you wear an asymmetrical dress it is best to wear it with heels. It will help make your calf look longer. Asymmetrical dresses along with a good pair of heels are a win-win dress code for all the curvy teens out there.

Fashion For Tall Curvy Women

Invest In Good Winter Apparel

Try wearing an unbuttoned blazer over either a dress or a flowy blouse. It is hard for chubby girls to find a blazer that fits them perfectly and can be buttoned, so I suggest you buy one which fits your arms and your back, and you can leave it open in the front.

Check out the picture below and see for yourself how cool blazers look on any chubby girl, especially when paired with long boots.

Fashion Tips For Curvy Women

Wearing blazers in Winters can give any outfit a whole new look which is among the chief reasons for the rising popularity of blazers among women of all ages, let alone teenagers and curvy girls.

Fashionable Curvy Clothes

Pairing Sneakers With Your Summer Outfits

Being curvy does not mean you are fat or that you can not wear anything. But in reality, curvy girls look prettier in everything than normal skinny girls. If you want to look flawless in your college then try out going for the tribal printed shirt and pair it with skinny jeans.

Along with that, add a single button blazer in the matching or even in contrasting colors. For example, you can wear the shirt in different shades of blue and then wear a dark blue or red blazer on top.

Petite Curvy Fashion Tips

For jeans, you can wear them in any dark color. If you are not a very big fan of dark-colored single button blazers and you love to wear denim jackets then you can switch the plain single button blazer with a denim jacket.

Plus Size Curvy Outfit Ideas Gorgeous Fashion Model

These jackets are available in a huge range of colors and styles so you should really look around to find the best fit for your body shape.

Printed Dresses Are Your Ideal Choice Of Dressing

If you are tired of wearing the same old t-shirts, jeans, and stuff, then go for a printed dress. They create the ideal summer look. Pair the dress with a nice catchy belt, sunglasses, and matching sandals.

Short And Curvy Fashion

Printed knee-length dresses look so cool if they are worn with the right combination. For example, you can go for a floral printed dress and pair it up with matching accessories. Floral dresses are in trend these days and look super cute on curvy girls.

Summer Fashion Curvy Girls

Or you can combine a printed shirt with plain shorts that match or maybe even a skirt. You can wear a knee-length skirt and over that, you can go for a cool printed shirt either tucked fully or halfway insides.

For the long coat, you can choose any dark-colored coat and keep its front for extra spice. For those, you can wear long ankle sandals and take a contrasting colored bag with you.

Trendy Curvy Fashion

If you are a college or high school going girl and are fat or chubby, then I am sure you have heard all the dos and don’ts that people have to offer. Like don’t wear bright colors, or don’t wear dresses or avoid showing your skin.

All of these are useless myths, and you ought to rise above them and dress according to what makes you feel most comfortable and happy.


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