Fashion Do’s and Don’ts for the Curvy Ladies

Being a plus-sized girl doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous! In fact, with the surge in the styles, trends, and fashion after keeping in mind the needs and choices of the plus size community, it has become a really easy choice to look fabulous at will.

All it takes is a little know-how and a big dose of confidence. Keep in mind that looking good is not about the size on the tag, but more about dressing yourself in a way that makes you feel confident and shows off your best features.

It’s time to use fashion to your advantage and make the most of those gorgeous curves.

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Best Fashion For Curvy Women

While having a great eye for fashion is important to keep your style game strong, being fashionable is only half the battle because knowing how to dress for your body type is just as important, maybe even more so.

Curvy Fashion For Women

But while being a curvy gal is awesome, it’s no secret the dressing a curvy body can be tricky, and sometimes challenging, too.

Curvy Ladies Fashion Blog

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Because a college gal doesn’t usually have a personal stylist on call to help her dress her curves up, we’re sharing with you the basic fashion dos and don’ts for the curvy gal the Beyoncé in you need to know.

The Do’s List

Heels Work Best

Heels are good. They were probably invented by male sadists who got off on the idea of having their dates tower precariously above them. We think it had something to do with having their eager noses at the bosom level (just kidding).

Curvy Women Fashion Blog

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On a serious note, however, heels are a gift to curvy women. Seriously, heels about 2 to 3 inches serve to elongate the legs, stretch the calves, and accentuate the calf muscles. This makes the legs appear longer, leaner, and sexier. Heels don’t have to be painful.

Curvy Women Fashion

Stock Up On V-neck Dresses

A V-neck cut doesn’t only flaunt your always flattering collarbones, and create an illusion of toner arms. It’s plunging cut also creates the illusion of an elongated body, which makes you look taller and leaner in a snap!

Throw in a few layered pendants into the mix for a chic Look of the Day for every curvy woman out there in this world. Through V-necks, you can show off your favorite assets! If you are proud of it, show it!

Curvy Women Spring Fashion

Short Skirts Have You Sorted For Life

Shorter skirts are best on shorter legs. This sounds a bit counterintuitive, but it’s true. Most women who have stockier legs, like me, will probably attest that their fattier deposits are located at the top of the inner thighs.

Curvy Women's Fashions

The upper thighs also tend to be where cellulite forms, if you’re unfortunate enough to have some, which I’m betting most of us do. I mention this because a skirt that is cut about 2 to 3 inches above the knee will still hide these more unflattering areas.

Fashion Blog For Curvy Ladies

If you show a little more leg, it gives you the appearance of being somewhat taller and shows off the more narrow, attractive part of the leg. Legs tend to narrow right above and below the knees but widen again at the calf muscle.

If you cover everything except the wider calf muscle, you’re only showing the stocky part of your leg. Hence, you will appear somewhat heavier than you probably are.

Keep A Selection Of Dark Colors In Your Closet

Solid dark colors are often more flattering than bold patterns. We’ll admit, it is a tip many people, friends or family must have suggested to you about this. We are just here to reaffirm your belief in this tip or suggestion.

Fashion Blogs For Curvy Ladies

Whether it was sleeveless, cut about two inches above the knee, or has a swirled black-and-white pattern. You will love it and we think it will look pretty good on you.

Fashion Curvy Women's

Eventually, when you will see yourself in pictures later, the first thought you will have is “Good Lord!! Do I pull this look off!”.

Think about any dress you have and then imagine having a dark-colored shade in that dress, yes it is a big deal. A big deal to make you look gorgeous and prettier.

Own A Pair Of Skinnies Or Two And Pair Them With Crop Tops

Skinny jeans may not be the first type of jeans that pops into a curvy girl’s mind when she’s jeans shopping, but bottoms that hug the hips well will emphasize the curves perfectly.

Fashion For Short And Curvy Women

Plus, a pair of skinnies is versatile, and always fashionable. Whoever said that a curvy girl cannot rock a trendy crop top is wrong because guess what? You totally can! Tops that hit just above your hips are fashionable, and emphasizes your killer curves, too.

Fashion For Short Curvy Ladies

Tapered Waistlines Add Versatility To Your Wardrobe

Wear shirts and jackets with tapered waistlines. By this, we mean don’t wear styles that hide the waist altogether, but rather opt for a style that accentuates the narrowness of the waist.

If you have curves, you’re likely sporting a waistline that is significantly smaller than your bust and hip lines. I know I am. It works brilliantly for women have a very distinctive hourglass figure. Yeah, we know.

Fashion For Short Curvy Women

We say this because that is supposedly the ideal curvy woman figure. Yet those of us who boast the hourglass figure know what a train wreck it can be to go shopping and find clothes that actually fit all over.

Fashion For Tall Curvy Women

French-cut Bottoms Can Be Your Go-To Weapon

Another trick for elongating the leg is to wear French-cut panties and swimsuits where the leg hole cuts higher on the hip rather than falling right at the hip joint.

Most of us don’t think about that because the only pictures we typically see of women in French-cut bottoms are those that gallop about on long and lean stilt-type legs. But a nice French cut can add inches to your legs.

Fashion Line For Curvy Ladies

Give it a try. Wearing sexy underwear, even if you’re the only one that sees them, can boost one’s self-confidence. So get your radiance on and try the French cut!

Fashion Tips For Curvy Ladies

The Don’ts To Remember:

Rock Pieces With Embellished Designs Around The Hip Area

While we think that rocking an embellished top or bottoms is fun, pieces with embellished designs around the hip area can look bulky, and not flattering for the curvy girl.

Opt for bottoms that are sleek and clean for an OOTD that’s flattering, and can lengthen your legs, too! #DoubleYay!

Fashion Tips For Curvy Women

Stay Away From Spillage

We are sure you’ve tried on countless pairs of jeans in my lifetime and I can tell you that I consistently get the slimmer, more streamlined look with a boot cut, low rider style.

Fashion Tips For Short Curvy Ladies

They admittedly don’t make your legs look longer, but they do make your upper body look a bit longer and they tend to make the butt look great. Just be sure that you do a bit of bending and stretching before you buy to make sure that you have just the right fit:

Accentuating your beautiful hips is good, but showing your thong and/ or butt crack is just plain icky. Especially if you’re on the mature side of life.

Fashion Tops For Petite Curvy Women

At your age, the tramp stamp you used to show off no longer looks like the tight, bright piece of artwork it once was. Now it looks more like someone tossed a bucket of paint at your backside and it is making a desperate attempt to flee south of the border!

Fashion Trends For Short Curvy Ladies

Stay Away From Baggy Bottoms

If you’re not a hundred percent confident with your curves yet, don’t make the huge mistake of hiding behind a pair of baggy bottoms. This will only give you an unnecessarily bulkier appearance, and one hundred percent not flattering either.

At the end of the day, it’s important to always remember that you should be able to wear whatever you want, curvy and pretty girls. And when you do, confidence is way more important than any styling tips and tricks you know.

Fashions For Curvy Ladies

So pack on the confidence, and paint the town red with your OOTD! So, ladies, we hope you’ve found our tips helpful. and, if you have not, just give it some time because we know you will at some point in time. Your sexy new wardrobe is waiting! Happy hunting!