The Brands to Shop from for Curvy Ladies

Gone are those days when plus size fashion was thrown out in the dark and not given any credit let alone the credit it deserved. There has never been a better time to embrace your curves than this moment.

The fashion industry is currently undergoing sweeping changes centered on inclusive values that saw plus-size models walking the runway at some of the most gorgeous and most notable fashion shows in the world.

To top it all, Ashley Graham has reached legit supermodel status, and fashion ad campaigns across the globe are including women of all shapes and sizes in 2017. It’s about time.

Best Dress For Curvy Body Type

Diversity and inclusivity are paramount values, and we’re championing this movement and hoping to see its continual evolution.

Best Dresses For Curvy Figures

Plus-size clothing is often quite hit and miss. The sizing is either totally out of whack or the designs just, well, leave a little to be desired. Oh, and to top things off, they’re normally a way more expensive.

Great. So when we find a label that consistently nails the curvy fashion brief, we find it particularly worthy of sharing.

Best Dresses For Curvy Women

There are a lot of good things going on in the plus size community and for curvy ladies and great development in the world of fashion is one of them.

Chic And Curvy Dresses

A sizable number of brands have made a breakthrough in the industry and come up with some exciting styles of clothing and accessories to help curvy ladies find the clothes that they want to wear and head out of their house.

Today, we will be looking at some of the top brands in the world to evoke the emotions of ecstasy, prettiness and many others among curvy ladies through their styles, colors, and trends of clothing.

Chic And Curvy Plus Size Dresses

Today, we will be looking at some of the top brands that have made a mark in the hearts of curvy plus size ladies by basically making the right decision about plus size clothing.

Cocktail Dresses For Curvy Women

This emerging class of fashion brands has developed clothes that are not only immensely flattering but also on-trend.

Curvy Black Dress

Gone are the days when curvy shoppers were afterthoughts, whereas now, they’re responsible for creating one of the most in-demand product categories on the market.

The Brands Creating Headways


Referred to as the ‘Net-a-Porter for curvy fashion’, Navabi offers one of the biggest ranges of designer plus-size fashion in the world, with styles available in sizes 12-32.

The designer labels mean it’s slightly pricer, but if you can afford to invest in some wardrobe staples, you will find them here. Quality, not quantity, is the mindset here.

Curvy Dresses

A curvy, plus size lady will get everything she wants from Navabi, right from the best of blazers, to some of the most stylish coats right to the asymmetric dresses. Name what you want and Navabi has it in store for you.

Curvy Formal Dresses

Marina Rinaldi

Marina Rinaldi occupies a special place at the intersection of high-end fashion and curvy styles, offering more luxurious products for the plus-size shopper.

Curvy Girl Dresses

Its collections are quite elegant and meant to appeal to a premium audience, and therefore come with a higher price tag. However, feast your eyes on their collection and not the price tags as we are sure their collection will sway your attention and money in the right direction.

A lot of cool stuff on the cards, Marina Rinaldi is a brand every plus size lady would love to shop from, and that is exactly what makes this brand so special.

Curvy Plus Size Party Dresses


In times of crisis, which brand of plus size clothing do we turn to? We turn to the Boohoo plus range. Not only is the entire line incredibly affordable, but we just love that they offer the exact same clothes but in bigger sizes.

Curvy Short Dress

Just because we are a bigger size, doesn’t mean we want to spend our life in kaftans, are we right? We mean, it’s boggling that other stores don’t do this, to be honest, but thankfully some brands are opting for more inclusive offerings.

Curvy Tight Dress

Slay your day, and become the highlight of the night with the help of some of the best clothes on offer at Boohoo. We are sure, once you see their collection you will be really happy with what they have in store for you.


If you’re a curvy girl for whom fashion is a priority, Elvi is your new best friend. This brand prides itself on premium styles that are always current and prices that are incredibly affordable.

Curvy White Dress

Contemporary trends ranging from the US sizes 14 to 26 are all stocked at Elvi for less than AED 400/SAR 408. Styles in numbers, some of the most stocked color-coordinated dresses Elvi is a pretty awesome brand for shopping for any curvy plus size lady looking to increase her wardrobe collection.

Dress For Curvy Body


We are the Mango people after all, why not shop from Mango then? Not many people know that Mango has a plus size range but it’s really worth a look. While the other famous Spanish retailer, Zara only goes up to a size 18.

Mango offers its high-quality designs up to a size 26. And, in our experience, their quality also goes the distance. While the pieces might be trend-inspired, their winter coats last us for years on end, meaning it’s easier to justify spending a little more on a piece you love.

Dress Pants For Curvy Figures

Mango has something in store for every curvy, plus size lady out there and we are not exaggerating when we say that theirs is a collection you really want to check out.

Dresses For Curvy Figures

ASOS Curve

ASOS Curve deserves a pat on the back for being one of the first high-street brands to embrace the plus-size shopper. It has long been a reliable source of fashionable basics, key seasonal trends, and even jewelry and footwear selections that fit curvy standards.

It also stocks cult labels like Monki and Pink Clove as well as the plus lines from other brands like River Island, Missguided, Levi’s, Boohoo, and Chi Chi London. Their collection of dresses (and, dresses of all types) is to die for.

Dresses For Curvy Ladies

Also, with the stock of other brands mentioned above, it makes for easy comparison before making your final decision on what to buy.

River Island

When the River Island Plus range finally launched, it didn’t disappoint. Although the selection isn’t as large as ASOS, the well-curated line goes up to a size 28. This should be your go-to shop for each season’s key trend pieces.

Dresses For Curvy Women

Our favorite River Island finds right now? Their dresses. Whether you’re after a cute party dress, or a versatile midi to wear to the office, they’ve got something for every occasion.

Dresses For Tall Curvy Ladies

And if their collection has a little bit of everything (it is an understatement), why not go check it out when you have time on your hands. Like river flows beautifully, the collection of River Island comprises of a wonderful flow of clothes for curvy, plus size ladies.


Floral-print pajamas, color-blocked dresses, off-shoulder tops, ruffle-trimmed trousers, and all sorts of other stylish pieces are stocked on Eloquii.

Flattering Dresses For Curvy Figures

Curvy girls love it because of the huge selection that provides everything from dresses and separates to accessories and swimwear.

Formal Dresses For Curvy Figure

Eloquii offers American sizes 14 to 28 and a well-stocked selection of petite plus sizes, which are fairly hard to come by.

Why do we think so highly of Eloquii is because of the fact that they have a large ensemble of clothing options available at their store and all of them are of the highest quality.

Chi Chi London

If you’ve been looking high and low for a full-on, no apologies party dress, you have come to the right place. From embellished to lace, to metallic, to rockabilly, these dresses are definitely not for wallflowers.

How To Dress A Curvy Body

And, honestly, finally! It’s about time curvy gals can shop equally fierce dresses suitable for clubbing, sipping cocktails at the bar, or even for cute date night dinners.

Most Flattering Dress For Curvy

Situated in one of the biggest fashion cities of the world, Chi Chi London is among the topmost brand for plus size clothing in the world. Its popularity has escalated by leaps and bounds and for all the right reasons. You would do well to check them out.

There are tonnes of other local, national and international brands that we have not mentioned in our list that you can check out when you are on a shopping spree.

Petite Curvy Dresses

Plus-size fashion has become a worldwide phenomenon and now attracts all the top brands in the world to come and make their mark on the plus size community.

Plus Size Curvy Dresses

If you are a curvy, plus size lady who loves to shop for clothes and accessories, now is the time to live and have fun.


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