Denise Bidot – The Model from Miami

With the increasingly changing trends, there are several brands that are coming to terms with the need for more inclusivity in their designs.

It is estimated that over sixty-five per cent of the women in the United States are plus sized. Yet for decades the fashion industry has concentrated on petite females with smaller sizes.

With the increase in dissent on the internet and more awareness about body shaming, more designers and labels have acknowledged the need for equal representation for all sizes and hence there has been an increase in the number of plus size models.

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This has not been an easy journey. There are many beautiful plus size models that have brought about this change. There are many models that have changed the shape of the fashion industry.

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One of these models is Denise Bidot. Denise Bidot is a plus size model who was born in Miami in 1986. She has both Kuwaiti and Puerto Rico. She has travelled the world in many instances and proven that she is a worldwide model in the true sense.

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Denise Bidot started working as a model much later than most people would. Yet, she made a big wave in the fashion industry right from when she joined the industry.

She was one of the first plus size models that made such a big wave in the news as she walked the runway for the New York Fashion week for not only one but two designers.

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The great thing about this gig was that both the labels were straight-size labels which were called CHROMAT and Serena Williams’ HSN fashion label.

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This is the first-time a plus size model made such an impact with a single event. This event launched her into fame and made her the famous plus size model that she is.

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Bidothas modelled for many famous fashion labels and brands. She has represented a large number of labels such as Nordstrom, Forever 21, Target and Old Navy. These are giants in the industry and helped Denise Bidot make her mark in the industry.

She transcended the barriers of still images and has taken her talent to another level. She has discovered that she was a talented actress apart from being a beautiful plus size model.

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She has featured in numerous TV series and shows such as nuvoTV’s “Curvy Girls”, HBO’s “Habla Women” and a show called “Mama vs. Mama”. Bidot has also had special features in the Tyra Banks show and also the reality TV show called “The Real”.

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After having achieved much success in her field and having much acclamation and fame, she decided to follow her heart and she launched a lifestyle movement that was called “There Is No Wrong Way to Be a Woman”.

This was a major movement that has been the centre of the body positivity movement. She has been vocal about the need for self-love and acceptance and for your own self.

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She has talked about the need to be more open and accepting our bodies. She has also talked about the representation of beauty in magazines and on the runway.

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Denise Bidot has also featured in the documentary film Straight/Curve that features many beautiful plus size models that have been a vocal activist for body positivity.

This film features many plus size models that talk about being bullied and coming out stronger and braving the odds to enter an industry that was biased against them, to begin with.

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Denise Bidot has a ten-year-old girl named Joselyn. This is the reason why she has been so active in the body positivity movement and her maternal instinct is what makes her more motivated to make sure that her daughter knows that she is beautiful no matter what size dress she wears or how much cellulite she has on her body.

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Denise walks the walk and has ensured that her photographs and campaigns also promote natural beauty. She has posed for the camera and asked for the photos to be posted or used without any edits.

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When she attempted this routine for the “No Wrong Way to Be a Woman”. Her cellulite and stretch marks were clearly seen. But that didn’t stop her from posting the picture for the world to see.

She has posed in bold photoshoots and has worn bikinis for many of these ventures. She has always supported people with her size and even made it look sexy and appealing for many to see.

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She is an icon in the plus size fashion industry and has launched a campaign called “beach body, not sorry” in collaboration with Swimsuits for All.

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This has concentrated on liberating women and making them feel confident in wearing bikinis and making them see that they can look sexy too. This is one of the greatest campaigns by plus size models which aims to bring forward the beauty of the plus size models and women.

Denise Bidot has a snarky little secret to her success. She attributes her amazing skills and her on-screen persona to someone other than herself.

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Bidot believes she is such a good model only because of an imaginary person called Misty. Misty is Denise’s alternate ego. Since Denise is not as outgoing in real life and is much shy as compared to what her photographs might lead you to believe.

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This is why when she first started looking at the final pictures from her shoots, she noticed some discrepancy. This is when she realised that she was a different person in front of the camera, giving rise to her interest in her alter ego, Misty.

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Denise believes Misty is this sexy looking woman. Being a working mom who is also single, Denise feels like she is much too nerdy to be dressed in sexy lingerie. This is when Misty takes over and showcases sultry poses and wicked smiles.

Denise loves watching Misty in action because Misty is a brave and more open version of herself. She wishes more people would look up to people like Misty and learn to let go of the barriers that are holding us back!

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We have so much to learn from this young model. Apart from her zest for life and her devotion to her work and her kids, Denise is a strong role model for many women to look up to and we are certain that Denise will also raise Joselyn with the beautiful values that she has changed the world of fashion with.

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We need more plus size models like Denise, who have relied on their hard work and grit to pull through any odds and break the barriers of the industry that has been plagued with the ignorance of the needs of common women, representation of all forms of beauty and the recognition of plus size models and integrate them into high fashion and couture since they deserve to be there representing what seems to be more than sixty per cent of the population of women.

These things make Denise Bidot stand out amongst many other upcoming plus size models and give you an insight into her career, her rise to fame and her struggles with depression.

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She is a brave and outcoming person who deserves to be on the cover of more magazines and charming her with her flawless catwalk across runaways as she goes on to be a part of the much-needed change in the fashion industry!