Fluvia Lacerda- A Brazilian Bombshell

For many years the world of fashion has been tailored. For years, the runaway was full of skinny models and the magazine covers had size zero models. There has been a gradual and much-needed shift in the fashion industry over the past decade.

The world of fashion has become more inclusive and there are more women of color and of different sizes walking the runaway.

This change has not only made it easier for many talented women to become beautiful plus size models, but there are also many women who have become more accepting of their body structures and learned to see themselves in a better light.

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There are many plus size models who are making great waves in the world of fashion. One such beautiful plus size model happens to be Fluvia Lacerda. Fluvia is from brazil and hence has a Latino heritage, that grants her sharp features and curvaceous figure.

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She is very proud of her heritage and believes that her diverse culture has also granted her beauty and her open-hearted nature.

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She has been very vocal about how the industry has been biased against larger women in the past and how it has taken her a lot of courage and self-awareness to reach this stage. She thinks that being a plus size model takes a lot of confidence and take you to have to be comfortable in your own skin.

This self-confidence was very innate and has been a part of her characteristics long before modeling contracts. She does believe this nature has helped her brave many challenges in the course of her career.

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She believes that her confidence also comes from the love and support that her mother showed her when she was growing up made all the difference.

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Fluvia’s mother is a feminist and has successfully instilled those values in her. This is the reason why Lacerda has grown up without worrying about her looks or her size.

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Fluvia Lacerda also believes that her profession is a very innate skill and she thinks that people who are confident can portray it much better on the screen. This is why she thinks it is very important for every plus size model to have thick skin and work hard.

Lacerda keeps talking about how she is a picky eater and a health freak and hence she wants to draw attention to the fact that many people are healthy eaters and yet are deemed overweight.

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This motivates people to body shame people and says that all plus size people are unhealthy and do not eat healthily.

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Fluvia is the mother of two children. She has one son who is sixteen years old and her younger son is two. She has had a very normal upbringing. Fluvia is a Brazilian who was born in Rio and grew up in the Amazonian forest where her mother was a teacher.

The bravest part of her story is her shift to the United States. She was only fifteen when her mother, who was teaching in a village in the forest, decided to send her to New York for better prospects.

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She was a teenager who moved the States alone. At first, Lacerda lived with her mother’s sister who let her do the household chores, take care of the children and serve as a waitress in different restaurants.

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This is how she began her life in the United States and her story resonates with a lot of immigrant stories where people have moved from other parts of the world to experience the American dream. When she first moved there she didn’t even speak the language.

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Lacerda’s family had a lot of financial trouble when she was growing up and she grew up poor. She lived in Queens in New York and was a nanny for a wealthy family in New York when she was approached by a fashion editor on the bus.

This meeting changed her life. She was asked is she would be interested in becoming a plus size model. She was given a business card and the numbers of a few agencies. This is how the career of FluviaLacerda started as a plus size model.

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Fluvia first thought the offer was a joke and knew nothing about the plus size fashion industry. however, upon researching the topic she found out for the first time that she need not look a certain way to be a model. She could be a model even if she isn’t a size zero.

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About a month after this incident she approached the agencies she was given the number to and all of them wanted to sign her. This was the turning point in her life and she realized that she will be a great plus size model.

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Not only is Lacerdais a feminist, but she is also very vocal about the fact that people need to own their natural bodies and their genetics. She often finds women comparing their bodies to the ideal “European” sizes and wondering why they can’t be thinner.

Fluvia thinks that all women should embrace their natural size and strive to be a better versions of themselves. This encourages her to motivate people to look beyond their flaws. Own their inheritance and flaunt it proudly no matter where you are.

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Throughout history. Art such as photographs and paintings showcased different women through different eras. There are differently shaped women on the paintings made during renaissance had heavier women and hence the idea of beauty has been redefined over time.

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Hence, she believes that one of the biggest reasons that more and more women are feeling insecure about their bodies is because of how social media bombards this set image of beauty day and night.

This is a very influential tool that is making many people uncomfortable with their bodies.

This is why being a plus size model is important to Fluvia as she gets to represent a large chunk of the population that was excluded from the world of fashion for a very long time.

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She also calls out the chauvinistic nature of the fashion world and knows that there are still many designers and other people in the industry that wants to sell a certain idea of beauty that would be more appealing to look at.

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Fluvia is against surgical changes in their body and she believes that personal health should not be jeopardized for any reason.

Since she believes that there were previously only a few voices that had a say in the world of fashion and this is why the nature of the industry was not very inclusive.

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With the advent of social media and platforms of dissent, there are many women who are calling out the sexist nature of the world of fashion, more women are speaking about representation and body positivity that is urging more magazines and designers to pick plus size models.

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Lacerda is definitely someone to look out for if you follow plus size fashion and really want to understand body positivity and to become more capable of loving themselves and their bodies.

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