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Ever since plus size models like Ashley Graham and the likes burst onto the modelling scene, more and more women have turned up aspiring to become the next top plus size model. Fame and recognition without having to change their lifestyle and size is catching the eye of thousands of women who have now started dreaming about a life in the limelight.

An industry that has been extremely luring to teenagers thanks to a ton of famous faces and the age of social media in full force, the amount of hard work needed to succeed in this industry knows no bounds. It is often said that if one wishes to be a model, there is a certain different charm that the particular person in question possesses that makes them choose this profession filled with glitz and glamour.

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For ages now, the trend when it comes to choosing a unique face or person that stands out from the crowd has been to select a model who is slim and skinny. Well, if all of them have the same features what makes them stand apart from the others similar to them. This is where the plus size model community comes and stakes a claim as being someone different from the larger population. The arrival of this community in the modelling world has brought about a huge and more importantly, an extremely positive change in the industry.

Nowadays, being thin to become a super-model is not the primary criteria, instead having a unique personality that makes you stand apart from the crowd is. Size has become secondary in an industry that people thought was dominated by slim sized people. The trends are changing and with that the way plus size models are looked at compared to before has also undergone a tremendous change.

Before the plus size models came in and seized the chance to dominate the fashion industry, agencies existed only for the regular sized models. With time even this has changed. Plus Size Model agencies have started becoming a huge thing within the industry and that goes on to show how the dynamic of the industry has changed and opened doors to a vast community. These agencies are growing not just in number but also in popularity as time passes along.

Why are these agencies growing in popularity?

The reason why these agencies have suddenly become the talk of the town is down to two major reasons. Two reasons that are correlated to one another.

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More and more brands have sat up and taken notice of the growing plus size community. This has made them realize that they have a segment of customers that they can target in order to increase their total sales. This has made huge and popular brands enter the market with apparel for people of all sizes. They are specifically targeting people who can add to their brand value and make them bigger and better brand. With the growing demand of the customers, the second reason comes into play.

The increased demand makes the brands want plus size models in order to endorse and advertise their brands. In order to make their clothes and apparel appealing to a large customer segment such as the plus size community, brands want to have plus size models on their promotion campaigns. This allows people to know what they will be getting from the brand and thus can make an informed choice.

These two reasons to go along with the lucrative chance of managing some top models of the community has made Plus Size Model agencies very enticing business options for many people.

Different types of models hired by these agencies

As mentioned earlier, brands have clothing and apparel for the entire plus size community, hence there is no differentiation from these agencies when it comes to hiring both male and female plus size models. While both male and female are hired in huge numbers, there are certain categories for determining which model is picked for what purpose. The categories are:

Mainboard Models: These are the models hired from a purpose of doing the main things expected of a model like walking the ramp, headlining magazine covers and all. These models aren’t looked at from a commercial point of view and thus are known as mainboard models as their work is that of a so called purist, the original work the profession of models was supposed to undertake.

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Commercial Models: These models undertake the work that isn’t commonly associated with mainboard models like undertaking ad shoots for products like apparel, travel etc. With the growing importance of advertising in the world, the need for commercial models is gaining prominence.

Furthermore, these agencies also hire models based on the needs and categories of brands. These categories can range from sports, styling, youngsters (for brands providing clothes for the younger generations), classics to name a few. With people coming out of the phase of hiring thin and slim models, the industry has found a fresh perspective on how to inculcate all kinds of people and then promote their brand. People are coming out of their comfort zone and trying new facets of fashion.

Why this has happened comes down to the way plus size models have owned their work and how they have brought renewed energy to the industry. Name any type of apparel or product and you will find plus size models endorsing them right from the get go. Right from denims and tee-shirts to high end lingerie and shoe brands, everyone is taking notice and hiring plus size models to endorse their products. Accessories in demand have also come calling to this community for promotion purposes, the reason being the growing popularity of the plus size model community among the consumer group.

The plus size crowd in today’s time do not come out of their comfort zone just to prove a point. Those days are long gone. Today’s crowd has become far more realistic and have accepted the fact that one can be voluminous and beautiful at the same time. This simple realization among the community has brought this emerging trend of casting plus size model no matter what the product or service is.

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A fitting ode to the trailblazers of yesteryears when plus sized models were looked down upon and not given any confidence of succeeding in the industry and yet they managed to create a niche for themselves to go and create a foothold in the market and industry.