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Fashion is an ever-changing industry and we see many trends that come and go. Every season brings new colors, patterns and even designs for us to watch, enjoy, and wear.

There is one aspect of this world that has managed to remain stagnant despite the changing times. The models that have been shown on covers of fashion magazines and all the models that have walked the runway for high fashion and couture brands are always petite and very skinny.

They may look very appealing and may represent the brand of beauty that magazines and fashion labels want to portray; however, they are far from reality and do little to represent the women in the real world.

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Women are of different height, build, and even skin color. For years the fashion industry has been exclusively for fair-skinned tall and lean models.

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The doors to the world of glitz and glamour have always remained shut for plus size models.

With the evolving times, the feminist movement has brought forth some exciting and exhilarating changes.

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More women have come forward and spoken up about the negative impact that the portrayal of women and beauty in the fashion industry has on girls and young women.

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Many women feel the need to meet unrealistic standards set by the industry in order to look good.

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This has caused the number of bulimia patients to increase and there are several women and girls who suffer from low self-esteem and many eating disorders or even unhealthy eating habits due to the influence of the media and the fashion industry.

In such a setup plus size models like Lilli Luxe have not only created headlines by being one of the very few successful plus size models to rock the ramp, their journey, struggle, and even their success gives many people the confidence to believe in their wildest dreams and to be more comfortable in their bodies just like these plus size models are.

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Lilli Luxe, also called Natalie Renee, was born in the year 1989 on December 15th. She was born in Fort Worth, Texas, and is a proper country girl from the South.

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Her family moved often when she was a kid and she ended up living in California, Texas, Ohio, and Washington. Lilli Luxe was an average girl with an inquisitive nature. she was creative and outgoing and had many friends while growing up.

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She was always a happy go lucky girl and she discovered her interest in fashion when she became a part of the pinup culture as a kid.

While growing up she could not find sizes that fit her well. This is why she became a part of the pinup culture and soon she became designing clothes to fit her unique hourglass shape.

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Little did she know that this hack would soon turn into a hobby and draw her attention towards designing. Her other hobbies included traveling, watching documentaries, going through books in the local bookstore or library, baking, visiting antique stores, flea markets, and thrift shops looking for unique items and collectibles.

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She is a plus size model who has many hobbies and interests and this has made her more creatively involved in her work. She enjoys modeling and thinks of it as her second nature.

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She is an avid traveler and a foodie and loves to experiment with different food and new cuisines. She loves having new experiences but as far as her favorite food is considered, she loves Thai peanut noodles, California Sushi rolls, and spicy Indian tikka masala.

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Lilli Luxe was a small-town girl who dreamt big. She always wanted to be a model and did many things as a child to help her become famous as a model.

She started working for local boutiques and shops at a young age. She would model for their shoots and created an Instagram page to share her work. This account is what made Lilli Luxe famous as it helped her get discovered.

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As her following on these networks grew, and her followers increased, she was spotted by someone in Dorothy Combs Modelling and was renamed, Natalie Renee.

Once she was signed by the agency, a lot of work came her way and she then bagged campaigns from companies like TJ Maxx, Rue 21, and Secrets in Lace.

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She blurred the lines between regular models and plus size models and the world for many brands that deal in regular size clothing as well. This was a big win for a plus size model and this has helped integrate plus size models in the world of high fashion.

She has had many style icons that gave her inspiration and motivated her towards her goals. These style icons include Jayne Mansfield, Joan Holloway, and Anita Ekberg.

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She has worked hard to be as famous as these women and wants to dominate print media and screens like these bold ladies.

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Lilli Luxe has a very familiar face and she has a lot of celebrity lookalikes. A lot of people claim that there is some similarity between Lilli and Nicole Kidman while some believe that she looks a lot like Anna Nicole Smith while some others compare her to the evergreen queen of beauty and seduction, Marilyn Monroe.

She has become one of the very few plus size models to have featured on the issue of Bachelor Pad magazine. She was featured in the issue numbered 31.

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Lilli has been a vocal activist in the body positivity movement and she has made several remarks about how the fashion industry is biased towards plus size women and how the presentation and depiction of women in most media outlets makes the average women feel unsatisfied with their body or they end up feeling ashamed or guilty of it.

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Lilli believes in owning up your curves and says so on numerous occasions. Her site is filled with quotes about natural beauty and has many flashy instances of her owning her body shape.

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This killer confidence is what has helped Lilli Luxe gain so much access and popularity. She has been a part of many famous campaigns such as Lane Bryant campaign called #ImNoAngel targeting Victoria’s secret and other such companies that have refused to open their doors to diverse women and refused to let plus size model become angels.

She is also an influencer who works extensively with the brand and creates many campaigns on her social media platforms promoting the brand. She has even modeled their Cacique bikini line that targets plus size women.

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Lilli Luxe has also been a part of the talk show Curves Connect. Which is a nationwide dating website for plus size people? She is one of the few plus size models who have gone from still photoshoots to show their acting talents on commercials. Lilli Luxe is a multitalented plus size model and this can be seen in this commercial.

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The worst part about being in the public eye is that it is a double-edged sword. Lilli enjoys the love and adoration of many fans she has had to face some cyberbullying and a lot of backlash surrounding many controversies.

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The most ironic one being that Lilli was initially called fat and was body shamed and told that she needed to work out in order to be fit and appealing.

This is was a part of the bias she saw against plus size models in the industry. later on, Lilli lost a lot of weight and grew visibly thin.

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There were several comments, posts, and articles suggesting Lilli Luxe was trying to shed the image of a Plus size model and did not want to represent a fuller body.

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This made many people challenge her intentions and say that she was not true to her motive of supporting women of all sizes.

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However, Lilli was quick to clap back and give a befitting reply to these internet trolls and she simply said that she wanted to feel healthier and more wanted to be fitter for herself.

This is caused a backlash from fans who liked her plumper while it has also led to the loss of many modeling contracts since she no longer fits in the plus size category.

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She feels better physically and is not apologetic about the changes. She wishes to take more control of her image and decide what message she wants to give in the world.

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She believes that her agency had restricted her and has managed to keep the creative freedom with themselves when she was signed at the tender age of 14.

Now, at 28, she has more understanding of the fashion world and hence feels the need to be more independent and take decisions for herself.

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With the recent changes, there is no denying that Lilli will face challenges a medium size woman has to face instead of the ones a plus size model has to endure in the industry and believe it or not, this is going to be tougher.

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Yet, with her beauty, natural hourglass figure, and her charm and charisma we are sure to see more of Lilli Luxe.