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The fashion industry is notoriously famous for not being inclusive of all skin colors or body shapes. They have been selling the idea of women that are lean and this often leads to an unhealthy idea of beauty.

There has been a gradual change in this behavior in recent times. With more women in and out of the industry speaking up against this issue, there are several changes that can be seen in the beauty and fashion industry. As the public outrage about inclusion grew, several brands tried to save face by changing their policies.

Many plus size women made their mark as plus size models. There are several notable names that have revolutionized the fashion industry and changed what the definition of models was to us.

Actress Lindsey Pelas

One of the most prominent names in that of Lindsey Pelas. Lindsey Pelas is one of the most famous plus size models from the United States and she has attracted a lot of attention on social media and garnered a huge following on new age mediums such as Instagram and Twitter.

Lindsey Pelas has proven beyond doubt that she is more than just a pretty face. She has worked hard to emerge at the top. She is a small-town girl from Louisiana who dreamed of making it big and worked hard to achieve that goal. As a young girl, Lindsey Pelas dreamed of becoming a famous actress one day.

She was a regular kid that belonged to an average working-class family. She had seven siblings and was the youngest out of the five sisters and three brothers.

From very early on, Lindsey Pelas knew what her calling was going to be. But that did not stop her from achieving great things in her academics as well. She graduated at the top of her class in high school, proving that she was no ordinary child from very early on.

Hottest Lindsey Pelas

Lindsey Pelas then went on to join the Louisiana State University to pursue a bachelor’s in History, She finished college with a major in history. She has done well throughout her academic life.

Before becoming a famous plus size model, she worked as a yoga instructor and a bartender as well.

Lindsey Pelas IG Mode

Lindsey Pelas was launched into the spotlight with the campaign she did with playboy in the year 2013. Her career trajectory has been looking up ever since. The playboy campaign is one of the most prestigious works to be done by any model and it is a big accomplishment for a newcomer to achieve this in the industry early on.

Not only did this great campaign launch her as a beautiful plus size model, it also made headlines for her to enter the world of television. Lindsey Pelas became one of the very few plus size models to venture into the world of television in the year 2013 when she became a part of the show called Playboy Plus. Since the show was a reality TV show, she played herself.

Lindsey Pelas has proved her popularity on the screen by doing various shows after the Playboy episode. She did two other shows called TMZ on TV and the 8th Annual Babes in Toyland, playing herself on both of these shows.

Lindsey Pelas Maxim

She also did another show called Pop Trigger and is one of the very few plus size models to have done so many reality shows. She did prove her acting skills in the show Englishmen in L.A. where she played the role of Katya Aura.

She is a famous plus size model who has done tremendous acting work as well. She has now been cast in other roles after this one and most recently is working in a documentary film. She is working on a Coded Court where she is playing the role of Kelly Wilshire. She even played the role of Stephanie in the movie Extraction in the year 2015. Lindsey Pelas is also a part of The Trouble which released in 2018.

Lindsey Pelas Photos

Lindsey Pelas, like many plus size models, had ventured into different work. She is one of the very few models who had the skills and the perseverance to break into the entrepreneurial role and emerge a superstar.

She went on to launch her own calendars. As a plus size model, this was a brave move. She launched her swimsuit calendars that went on to sell like hotcakes. She did great work in all the calendars that she launched as a solo plus size model. Her first calendar was named “Dirty South”.

With this Pelas maintained the idea of giving back to her home state. Since Pelas was born in Louisiana, this entire calendar was shot in the state of New Orleans. This was a great way of bringing her home state as well as her beautiful physique into the limelight.

Her second calendar was called “Nearly Naked” and it features some ferocious photos that took the fashion industry by storm. This is the calendar where Lindsey Pelas took a stance on body positivity and she coined the term that would later become famous- “Genetically Gifted”. This motivated many women to think differently and emphasized on unedited photos.

Lindsey Pelas Pics

Her third Calendar has been termed as her most risqué one, with many quintessential and steaming photos. This launched Lindsey Pelas into true stardom as a plus size model, as she flaunts her curvaceous body in the calendar titled “Wet”.

She has posed topless in this calendar. This calendar has sold many copies and is one of the best calendars done by a plus size model. She is quoted saying, “the only way to top being naked was being wet”. She had made these bold calendars and remains one of the very few models to make sure a venture to this date.

Lindsey Pelas The IG Stunner Photogallery

Lindsey Pelas not only featured in these calendars. She has created, directed, styled, produced and sold her own annual swimsuit calendars. This was a great feat achieved by this beautiful plus size model.

Apart from being an excellent model and actress, Lindsey Pelas has also achieved a lot of success on the internet. Her fame is mainly attributed to her success on social media channels. This is another place where you will see this talented plus size model showcase her beauty and brains.

She is Instagram famous and possesses millions of followers. She has also been very active on social media sites such as Twitter. She has posted many controversial posts and also talked about various topics from being businesswomen, empowerment, body positivity, etc. she has over 13.5 million followers on these sites collectively, and these numbers just keep on increasing.

Her sharp mind and creative talent are one of the two main factors that led to her fame on the internet. Pelas is quirky, fun and relatable because of her body image. This is why she has gained a lot of attention as a plus size model.

Lindsey Pelas

The model has done a great job at creating content that catches the attention of the masses and has hence scored a lot of work with top brands like UFC, Cosmopolitan, Yeezys and has been associated with other shows like Steve Harvey Show, MTV’s Wild and Out and other such ventures.

Her ability to create great content in the form of videos, stories or posts is unparalleled and this is why so many businesses have chosen to associate with this gorgeous plus size model. This is one of her biggest accomplishments and there are more to come. This model is a great plus size model and a role model.

Model Lindsey Pelas

Given her success in the online industry, the model has gone onto becoming one of the prime examples of entrepreneurial skills. She has given many talks and addressed different summits on this matter. She has proven to be one of the most successful businesswomen online.

She has addressed the Global Ventures Summit in Los Angeles and has been a part of the panel as well. She has been on the expert panel of many other committees and she addressed the summit at the complex con.

Playboy Model Lindsey Pelas

This is a great deal for a young model that is new to the industry to achieve in such a short span of time. This speaks to the sheer brilliance of Lindsey Pelas.

The best thing about Lindsey Pelas is her spirit and prowess in many fields that can be seen easily when you tune into her podcast. There are several topics that are covered in this podcast. The topics range from beauty to lifestyle, skincare to management.

Lindsey Pelas has attracted so much attention it her brand name that there are several famous guests who have appeared on this show and given it the excellent content that it boasts of.

The show has done a great deal in tackling many social issues and it has taken on one stereotype at a time addressing many misbeliefs and taboos. The podcast known as “Eyes up Here by Lindsey Pelas” has done much to change the way the world thinks, one podcast at a time.

The Hottest Instagrams of Lindsey Pelas

There are several reasons to love and adore Lindsey Pelas. She has done great work in the field of fashion and changed the modeling industry by becoming one of the most popular as well as successful plus size models.

There are several major accomplishments that Lindsey Pelas has achieved in her short work span of 6 years and rest assured there are many more wonders to come. Lindsey Pelas is arguably one of the most sensual and beautiful plus size models.


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