Lucy Collett- A Model to Look Out for!

With the increasing outrage and backlash against only selective women and body types begin represented in the fashion industry, there are several fashion labels and magazines that have chosen to be more inclusive and have allowed many plus size models to work for their campaigns and photoshoots. the best thing about these plus size models is that they are able to represent over 65 percent of the women worldwide and hence made them more comfortable in their own skin.

Plus size models may be creating waves in the fashion industry currently, but setting sail down this path has not been an easy journey. There have been several instances of bullying, internet trolls, and body shaming.

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Yet, there are some beautiful plus size models who have braved all of this to become successful. One such model is Lucy Collett.

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Lucy Collett is a British model from the area of Warwick, England. She is a red-headed model, breaking another bias against red-headed models.

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She is 1.6 meters tall and weighs 84 kilograms. She has grey eyes and one of the most beautiful smiles you will ever come across.

Lucy Collett is also referred to as Lucy Vixen or Lucy V. she was first discovered when she won the Sun newspaper’s Page 3 Idol 2012 modeling contest. She has never looked back after this point.

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Once she won this contest, she started appearing on page three news much frequently. This was her first plunge into the world of modeling.

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Lucy V is currently 30 and started her career later than most models at the age of 23. She was a straightway hit when she started featuring in the page three news, so much so that she started featuring in numerous men’s magazines quite frequently.

Some of these famed magazines were Nuts, Zoo, Front, Loaded and even Maxim. This garnered a huge fan following for Lucy as she further went on to bag bigger deals and campaigns.

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Collett had some experience in modeling before her page 3 appearance. She had been a hair model for a reputed Singaporean brand called Tony and Guy.

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While modeling for these Salons Lucy decided to do away with her naturally brown mane. She dyed them blond and then a few years later switched the signature red that we see her sporting nowadays.

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When she first won the contest, her dress size was 12 and it was reported that a new era for curvaceous women had now begun.

Due to her curvaceous figure and her beautiful red hair, this plus-size model has been compared to stars such as Jessica Rabbit, who was a famous sex symbol in her time and Christina Hendricks.

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In fact, it is one of the lesser-known facts that Collett had been asked to dress as Hendricks’s character from Mad Men and walk on the streets for her employers to gauge men’s reactions.

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Lucy must have been a hit because this was the incident that preceded her numerous appearances on the pages of the Sun.

Collett like any other plus size model has always tried to spread the message of body positivity and she has always tried to convince her fans and followers that you do not need to be a certain size or look a certain way in order to be attractive.

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She has always promoted a healthy body image and has always supported having a fuller figure. When she started her campaigns on Instagram she has always made it a point to use the hashtags “plus-sized” and “curve model” owning up to her size and also normalizing it in the process.

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Lucy Collett is a multi-talented personality and she has also hosted the Nut magazine’s web series on games news and reviews.

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This is a dream come true for all those who dream about beautiful girls who understand sports. She has become the fantasy of many men in this duration and has become one of the very few plus size models who have attracted more followers through means other than photoshoots.

This was not a singular endeavor as after this show’s success she went on to present Zoo Magazine’s game series called “Game On”.

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In February of 2015, another venture was added to this list as she presented a one-off video feature with Talksport.

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Lucy Collett has also been an active part of the music industry and has featured in music videos alongside some very famous artists.

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She was a part of Professor Green’s music video for a song called “Remedy” and a song by Attention Thieves called “Bring Yourself to Justice”.

Lucy Collett had a normal life and was a good student at the Myton School in Warwick, she graduated from there and lived in Warwick for most of her childhood. She did suffer some difficulties in her personal life early on.

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In 2005, when Lucy Collett’s brother was just 17, he was assaulted and suffered from a brain hemorrhage that eventually led to his death one day after the attack had taken place.

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This beautiful plus size model suffered from acute depression for an entire year following this heart-breaking incident.

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Lucy has opened up about this difficult journey and admitted that she battled with depression and struggled with self-harm during this time. She has credited her affinity to art as her escape.

She has learned A-level photography, practicing which gives her peace and the strength to fight when she is feeling low.

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This interest in photography is also the reason why Lucy considered modeling for the first time.

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Because she was exposed to the art of photography when in school, lust understood a great deal about modeling and being behind the camera as well.

This makes her a unique plus size model and it makes her stand out among the competition.

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Like many other beautiful plus size models, Lucy Collett has also published and featured on various calendars.

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This is her entrepreneurial venture and she has been able to sell millions of copies. Her 2019 calendar was the last one of her ventures which is still available on Amazon.

Lucy Collett has been a vocal supporter of body positivity and has stood up against body shaming.

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She believes all sizes are beautiful and proves that by featuring on the cover of various magazines like ELLE and also sporting products for various companies that are based in England and many different international labels as well.

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Lucy Collett is one of the most beautiful and talented plus size models out there who is breaking many barriers while setting new records in the fashion industry. this is one upcoming model you should definitely look out for!

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