No Bigger Compliment Than Being ‘fabulously Curvaceous’

Fabulously Curvaceous and Proud!

The time has gone when women with a plus size body were looked at with inferiority. The time has gone when plus size women were told to conceal their bodies because they weren’t thought to be beautiful enough. The time has gone when women were expected to hide under veils and follow pre-decided routes. Women across the world are breaking barriers and ‘embracing’ new norms and medians.

Plus size women and women in general have decided to take matters in their own hands now. They have decided that enough is enough, it is time to break barriers and embrace who they are. Embrace their curves, and be recognized and respected for their bodies. Be respected and thought about as the women who broke barriers and shed a new light on why body positivity is extremely key.

curvaceous women

Curvy and beautiful women are proving their expertise by showcasing their confidence and experience while shooting cover poses for world recognized magazines. They have turned over a leaf and have become intelligent in the sense that they now know how and which pose to use when modelling for different apparel brands.

While the clothes are definitely key, they also want to show off their curves and how that particular brand of clothing helps them bring out those curves.

So how exactly have these plus size models changed the game with their movement and inspired other women around the world like them. Let’s have a look at the points that stand out from their movement.

Breaking Stereotypes

The entire movement of plus size models entering the fashion world had one big reason behind it. They wanted to break stereotypes. Stereotypes of how they did not have the perfect figure to succeed in the fashion industry. Stereotype of how they weren’t beautiful enough to become a part of the world of glitz and glamour. Stereotype of how they will be looked down upon no matter what they achieve.

The people of the fashion industry who are otherwise constantly shifting and volatile are looking forward to maintaining loyal and strong relations with these curvy divas. This practice is not just for showing the power to embrace new formed norms, but also for the impressive success and response from simple everyday women who are finding their inspiration.

curvaceous women's clothing

In the end, it is all about changing the preset notions about plus size women. It is about changing the mindset that plus size women are not ‘fat’, rather they are ‘fabulously curvaceous’.

Smashing in Swimsuits

Ever since Ashley Graham stunned the fashion industry and the world by appearing on the cover of Sports Illustrated in a swimsuit, the way plus size women in a swimsuit were looked at has undergone a vast change. Esteemed fashion magazines like Vogue are hiring ‘fabulously curvaceous’ women to set an example before the world.

After the success received by Ashley Graham, more and more plus size models have taken over the mantle and joined the bandwagon of plus size women smashing it in a swimsuit.

One such model is Tara Lynn. Tara Lynn recently posed in lingerie for a famous magazine to showcase the confidence and beauty of being a Full Figured Woman. She got her fame by working with esteemed brands like V magazine and Elle France and has successfully used her Plus Size Figure in creating a positive change.

They have shown the world that confidence in yourself is more important than anything else if you are to succeed. The society will judge you at first but if you stick to your dreams and have faith, eventually the same society will laud you for what you have done and achieved. Once that happens, you will forever remain on of the most ‘fabulously curvaceous’ women in the world.

fabulously Curvaceous Women

Beautiful Hair, Size and Beauty

Along with size, hairstyles also play an important role in a models life. How well your hair is done and how amazingly you take care of them go a long way in determining your success rate within the industry. Over the years, different hairstyles have been glorified by slim and svelte women in most parts of the globe.

However, that particular trend is breaking fast with plus size models hairstyles catching the attention of the fashion industry bigwigs in a major way.

There are some truly gorgeous looking women who looked as every bit as presentable as a top class models while sporting a variety of fashionable hairstyles. This has brought about a different perspective in the industry. It no longer works that a plus size model is looked at only from her size.

She can be as decked up as a regular sized model with wonderful accessories, beautiful range of clothes and importantly, a hairstyle that suits her size and makes her even more beautiful than she already is.

Seasonal Outfits For The Win

As times have changed and plus size models are being recognized, the other aspect of fashion has started catching up with plus size models. That particular aspect is seasonal clothing. Over the years, the amount of options when it came to selecting a wardrobe for plus size women were limited.

The choice for example during the fall or winter season were quite similar in looks and style to each other. That however has changed now. Retail stores and designer brands are putting up separate choices for plus size women thanks to the models who have rocked every outfit they have put on in the fashion circuit.

fabulously Curvaceous

They have become unruly and paved the way for fashion for plus size women to become a huge thing within the industry. Clothes that bring out their curves and respect their body shapes are being designed in huge numbers. A vast selection of colors and outfits has resulted in plus size women getting a chance to wear something different every time they step out to celebrate and enjoy.

Therefore, these changing trends have made it possible for plus sized curvaceous women to look every bit fashionable as their slim counterparts. This means Plus Size Women have a brave new trend going for them.