How to Style Your Plus Size Bikini

For a long time, the fashion industry has relied on and even encouraged petite looking models to adorn fresh designs whether it is for the runaway or magazine covers. The fashion and beauty industry has set some very rigid and impossible standards for beauty, selling a very narrowed appearance as beautiful.

This has demotivated many women from trying different styles or simply feeling comfortable with their bodies. Many women are influenced by print and mass media and believe they cannot dress in different styles or experiment with their fashion choices.

Bikini Style For Plus Size

This is far from true. Fashion is a very inclusive concept that aims to enhance the good features of the person wearing it and bring out the best in them. There are many women who are discouraged from wearing revealing clothes and especially bikinis because of the fear of looking bad.

There are several ways to accessorise your plus size swimsuits to make you look slimmer., taller and even more toned. These are the best ways to use your accessories to your advantage and make the most of your plus size swimwear-

Cover Ups

The name itself might make you feel like you are taking a step back, but cover-ups are one of the best ways to draw attention away from your body frame and make you look more toned. It not only adds another layer to your outfit, but it is also a great way to introduce a fun contrast or print to your ensemble without going out of the way. This quick-fix can change your whole beach appearance in a matter of seconds. There are several types of cover-ups to choose from, here is how you can use the different styles to your advantage-

Bikini Styles For Plus Size

Longline Shrug

A great way to add some chic to your plus size bikini is to team it with a longline shrug. This is open in the front and is a great way to mask your muffin top or love handles without taking attention away from your plus size bikinis. This is one of the best ways to style your plus size swimwear.

Poncho Style Cover-Up

This is one of the best cover-ups to use with plus size swimsuits as it is a great way for women who are heavier at the top to seem leaner and more proportional. It creates an illusion taking attention away from your torso and towards your arms. You can play with different material to bring out the best in your outfit. You can try sheer ponchos or ones with mesh or lace details.

Bra Style Bikini Tops Plus Size

Tie Ups

This is another great way to add some dimension to your outfit without having to go out of the way. Tie-ups are a great way to cover your plus size swimwear when you take a break from the waves and it is a great way to style your beach party outfit to make it look more elegant. You can always experiment with tie and dye scarves over solid coloured plus size swimsuits.

Sheer Kaftans

If you are sporting a plus size bikini on a romantic getaway you might want to make it appear more elegant and give you a more ladylike appearance. The best way to create this effect is to team your bikini with a sheer kaftan that will make your outfit stand out.

You can also play with jewellery to make sure you highlight the features you want to display and hide the parts of your body you are uncomfortable with.

Different Bikini Wax Styles Plus Size

Chunky Necklaces

The best way to draw attention towards your bosom and away from your belly, thighs or arms is to introduce an eye-catching detail such as a beaded necklace or shell necklace to your ensemble containing any plus size swimwear. this is a great way to break the monotony of your outfit and give it some extra jazz. You can try different styles such as silver ornaments or big motifs. Just make sure you take them off before diving into the water. this

Body Chains

Another way to add some detail to your outfit and attract attention in all the right places is the use of a body chain. Body chain creates a contouring effect similar to that of body makeup. They draw attention towards the bosom and midriff taking the pressure off your problem areas. These will look great with any plus size bikini and will make your plus size swimwear stand out in the crowd.

Find Plus Size Bikini Bra Style Tops

Arm Bands

A great accessory for you to try with your plus size swimwear is armbands. Armbands have a great effect on your appearance and give you a very royal touch to your ensemble, you can use a cloth armband with motifs to create a hippie bohemian look or you can add some solid golden or silver armbands to make you look older and more sophisticated. These are great for a fun bonfire party by the beach and will make your plus size swimsuits stand out.


You can also team your favourite plus size swimwear with a knotted headband. Pull your hair back in a sleek look and then wear a headband or a scarf over your head to bring out the best in your appearance.

Halter Style Bikini Swimsuits Plus Size

With these hacks, you will be able to style your plus size swimwear with great ease and you will be able to look your best. You can stand out with these great tips by making sure you get your colour and styles co-ordinated perfectly to create the best beach looks so far. Go ahead and try these accessories for your plus size swimwear today!