Fashionable Bikini Tops for Plus Size Women

As the voices of women all over the world grow louder, there have been many changes in the world. There are more female leaders, astronauts, engineers, and even female football stars. This change has also revolutionized the fashion industry as more and more women have started voicing their opinions on body shaming.

Several large labels have introduced sizes and styles that are more inclusive of common women and giving them more freedom to choose from a variety of options.

Plus size swimsuits are not far behind in this ordeal. For years, the covers of sports magazines and calendars have been skinny models wearing the most fashionable bikinis.

Bikini Top Plus Size Halter

With the changes in the fashion industry, the focus has shifted towards plus size designs. Here are some of the latest styles that are bound to make the best choice for plus size bikini tops-

A little Bounce, A Little Flounce

One of the best options for a plus size swimsuit is to use a flounce bikini top. These are not as revealing as the other styles. You can wear the best styles and designs, but if you aren’t comfortable, you are bound to look off. This is why, if you are uncomfortable wearing more revealing clothes and are feeling conscious but still want to splash into the fun, you can choose a flounce bikini top.


One of the most important things to do while picking your outfits is to make sure they help hide your problem areas and accentuate all your good features. One of the best ways to draw attention away from your muffin top would be to wear a v-cut bikini. This makes the chest seem bigger and your shoulder seems roader, giving you a more toned appearance overall.

Longline Bikini Top Plus Size


One of the best ways to clear a slimming effect is to make your hips and chest seem wider to make you look slimmer and toned. One of the best ways to do this is to dress in a way that showcases your shoulder blades. Halter neck bikini tops make one of the best plus size bikinis as they make your shoulders look broader and create a slimming effect.


A great way to make your shoulders look broader is to use an off-shoulder bikini top. This is one of the most trending styles and it has taken the runway by storm in the past couple of years. You can experiment with different patterns and prints to make the most of this look. You can team it with some sunglasses and flip flops to make the perfect plus size swimwear.

Plus Size Flounce Bikini Top


This is one of the trendiest types of plus size bikinis. The best way to wear this style is to wear it with some beach sorts to create a trendy but sporty look. This will be a great look for your beach volleyball game. One of the best plus size swimwear is to team this with high rise bikini bottoms. This is the perfect look for your plus size bikinis.

Triangle Top

Another great way to create the illusion of a wider chest and broader shoulders to wear a triangle top. This creates a slimming illusion for your body making your waist appear smaller. Therefore, this is one of the best plus size swimsuits.

There are several designs to choose from. You can even wrap a colorful cloth around your waist to give this look a feminine twist. This is a great look for a fun date on the beach or a romantic bonfire by the waves. You can pair this with shell earrings or some accessories that give it a bohemian twist.

Plus Size Triangle Bikini Top

Lace-Up Details

One of the best ways to make the most of your plus size swimsuits is to use details to make your outfit stand out and draw attention to the parts of your body that you want yo highlight. For example, you can experiment with lace-up detail on your bikini top. You can opt for a design that creates a keyhole in the front or on your sides. This will give your outfit an extra oomph factor.

Frill Thrills

A great way to add some fun detail to your plus size bikinis is to play with details such as frills that create a slimming illusion by adding another layer to the outfit. You can have frills over your ribs that makes your belly look slimmer and attract attention upward instead of towards your belly button. This also makes your torso look longer and hence slimmer.

Plus Size Underwire Bikini Top

Ruffle Top

Another great way to create a slimming illusion is to use ruffles on your bikini top. This adds another layer to your outfit and draws attention away from your body structure by defining a new layer. This is a great way to seem stylish, stand out, and choose an outfit that will flatter your body structure. Ruffles make for the best details for plus size swimsuits.

Peplum Top

It is not necessary that you show your mid-riff and belly when you wear a bikini. If you aspire to go out in a bikini but are uncomfortable with your body structure, a peplum bikini top is the best plus size swimwear you can select.

This is a long top that will create the illusion that you are wearing one of the trendiest plus size swimsuits when in fact you will be dressed in one of the best plus size bikinis on the beach.

Womens Plus Size Bikini Tops

These plus size swimwear ideas should convince you to try them on and enjoy your visit to the beach or lounging by your hotel’s without feeling body-conscious and uncomfortable.

Pick the design that suits your style the best and don’t be afraid to experiment with different patterns and color combinations. So go ahead, surf the net and explore the local shops and try these plus size swimwear ideas today!