Ultimate Guide To Shopping Plus Size Dresses For A Wedding Event

Shopping for the wedding dress serves as one the biggest triggers of anxiety amongst modern day brides especially if they fall under the plus sized category. Although decent plus size dresses for wedding have gained record popularity off late coupled with the various body positive propagandas, it is still difficult to come across something which blends the best of style and comfort.

Today we are going to talk about some of the basic tips and tricks which can come to your rescue in the quest for the most flattering plus size dresses for wedding.

plus size dress for attend wedding

Wedding can a be a highly stressful affair and running for frequent alterations before the D-day just adds to your existing level of anxiety. This is why it is advisable to start things early so that you can properly research options and choose the one which fits you in the best manner.

In most cases, the plus size dresses for wedding are about four sizes bigger than your normal garments. Thus, if you are a size 16, then you will have to opt for a size 20 bridal gown. Your dress will also be influenced to a great extent by your hip measurement.

You will thus have to proceed with a size 20 wedding dress if that fits the size of your hips even when the rest of your body proportions belong to the size 12 category. This plus size dress for wedding shall have to be altered thereafter in accordance with your specific measurements.

Instances are not rare when brides decide to go with a smaller size than their actual measurement while deciding on the plus size dresses for wedding. They feel that this can motivate them to lose weight. Although this does help in certain cases, you shouldn’t be unrealistic in setting aims.

Boutique shops will also make you sign a waiver in such a case stating that you decided to proceed with a size which was against your recommendations. So just be a bit careful before doing the same as you might have to face heavy losses otherwise.

We understand that you will have your hands full with tonnes of work ahead of your wedding. But this should not deter you from getting adequate research done in regards to the type of silhouette, fabric and color you wish to sport while walking down the aisle. You can even join various online communities and even seek out the help of online experts who are readily available for solving your queries.

Shopping Plus Size Dresses For A Wedding Event

While on the search of plus size dresses for wedding, brides tend to completely forget about wearing flattering undergarments. But this actually holds the potential of either making or breaking your end look. With an array of bra options ranging from strapless to halter neck and even adhesive ones, you need to decide on your requirements before choosing your wedding attire.

You can even seek out recommendations of your stylist or seamstress as they are in a better position to make recommendations coupled with their rich experience in the subject matter.

Although alterations seem pretty expensive and time consuming, it is of pivotal importance if you wish to nail a seamless look on your wedding day. Developing a good rapport with your seamstress can be of great help as they share valuable insights regarding plus size dresses for wedding. In most cases, they advise not to wear extremely tight gowns as that can lead to wrinkles in its texture.

Brides often have pre-conceived notions about certain silhouettes. But that doesn’t mean that you will not give your stylist’s recommendations a good thought. If your stylist feels that fit and flare will look gorgeous on your curves even when you have a certain affinity for A-liner plus size dresses for wedding, then don’t think twice before giving it a go.

You can also take cue from your fellow brides falling under the plus sized category for understanding which style shall suit you best. A fitted bodice can be of great help in masking imperfections by cinching the waist area. An A-line gown with its slender cut on the other hand can camouflage problem zones around the thighs and hip without adding up to the volume.

Although some curvy ladies steer clear of the ruching trend, it can actually create an optical illusion of a slender frame which can mask all your problem regions.

While choosing the fabric of your plus size dresses for wedding, it is advisable to opt for thicker ones like satin which can instantly slim down your frame by masking those lumps. However, you need to be careful about choosing heavily embellished styles as that tends to draw attention towards the areas you would otherwise want to hide.

Plus sized ladies are often seen fussing over their problem areas. But this is an extremely negative approach. Rather you should try and focus on your plus points be it the killer décolletage or derriere.

Don’t let go off a design only because of its sleeves as these can be either added or removed from an attire in accordance with your requirements. Rather focus on the silhouette and the ultimate comfort level. The same also applies to hemline as well as built-in support.

Bottom Line

Weddings are more of a marathon than a sprint. Thus, you need to place special emphasis on the comfort factor. There is no point in buying plus size dresses for wedding if it does not fit you properly or hampers your normal mobility. At the end of the day, it all boils down to surrounding yourself with positive vibes so that you can shut down haters like a sassy diva.