Plus Size Model Fashion Week Is Gaining Popularity Each Second!

The Rise and Growing Popularity of Plus Size Fashion Weeks

Ramp walks, fashion shows and designer gala’s. When you talk about these things with regular people, who do not have too much knowledge about the happenings in the fashion industry they will have very few things to say.

Things like how the models must be super thin, size zero for those who know about the industry and how they walk the ramp for some of the biggest and most supremely talented designers of the world. How these models help the designers put their brand and style of clothing out in the limelight with a mega event.

Fashion Week Plus Size 2019

If you talk about these things to an industry insider or possibly a person who is highly knowledgeable about the latest trends and happenings of the industry, you are sure to get an answer that is vastly different to what you would expect.

An industry insider who has been there long enough will be quick to point out that times have changed now, and there is much more to the industry than just size zero and size two models walking up the ramp and endorsing every other brand.

A few years ago, if one was to point out that plus size models will be headlining fashion shows and endorsing a large number of brands, that person would surely be ridiculed. If one was to say that the fashion industry would have equally popular plus size models and regular-sized models, they would be ‘corrected’ and told not to talk about it further.

That is not the case anymore. Through the sincere efforts and hard work of a number of plus size models, the community has come up from the background to light up the fashion world with a breath of freshness and zest.

Fashion Week Plus Size

Trendsetters for this community have since gone on to achieve fame and recognition and their impact on the fashion industry will go down in folklore. The way they have managed to not only create a spot for themselves but also promote the profession to others like them has been nothing short of awe-inspiring.

The biggest proof for how big the plus size community has become in the world of fashion can be pointed out using one simple point, the arrival and increased popularity of plus size model fashion week.

Where did it all begin?

A huge step forward from the times when voluminous bodies were not only kept away from the fashion scene but were also looked down upon, plus size model fashion weeks have gained tremendous respect from the industry and have become extremely popular among the people from within the industry.

The first time this phenomenon caused a stir was back in 2015 when Marc Jacobs turned heads by putting the limelight on singer Beth Ditto during one of his shows.

Plus Size Designers New York Fashion Week

In the same year, although sometime later, renowned plus size model Ashley Graham unveiled her lingerie line for plus size women. Incorporating bodacious women, who basically had realistic bodies on the runway soon became a trend and has now become a big thing in the business of glitz and glamour.

The growing popularity of this trend was taken a notch higher when in September of 2016, Christian Siriano made five plus size beauties walk for his show at the prestigious New York Fashion Week.

Among the audience in this show was Ashley Graham who sat in the front row dressed in couture from Siriano himself. This was added proof that the designer was extremely keen on using his brand and appeal to promote plus size community in the fashion world and all over the world. It enhanced the feeling of solidarity and pride among curvy women who up until then might have felt as outcasts in the industry.

By the time 2016 came to a close, there was a big change noticeable. While the fashion trends were undergoing a transformation, these trends were also highlighted by plus size models. It all came down to more and more designers including plus size models to grace their events and shows. A huge step considering how until two decades ago this was considered a taboo.

How exactly has this changed the dynamic?

Plus Size Model Fashion Week has become a huge platform to glorify that even curvy women are as pretty and as beautiful as the rest of them. In a world that has drowned itself in judging everything they see, curvy women among the most these Plus Size Model Fashion Week’s act as a ray of sunshine for the community.

It gives them a sense of positivity about themselves and lets them know that in order to be called beautiful, they do not need to be of a certain size or shape.

Plus Size Models London Fashion Week

The glass ceiling was perhaps broken by Ashley Graham when she appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated, one of the most coveted magazines in the world. It was their swimsuit issue, and it wouldn’t be far fetched to say that this raised eyebrows and turned heads in the direction of the plus size community.

Ever since 2016, the fashion weeks have become more and more body positive, featuring an increasing number of plus size models. In a short span of time, the Plus Size Model Fashion Week has gone from a topic less heard of to becoming a big part of mainstream media. The success that it has garnered has increased hope and now, it has become an event to look forward to.

The time for Plus Size Fashion Week has just begun, and there is a long way to go still. But, the breaking of shackles and chains that this has done is nothing short of momentous.

The amount of people it has inspired is much larger compared to the success that it has garnered. It has given new light and direction to the industry and told women that they do not need to be thin if they wish to succeed in this world.