Plus Size Models – When Size Never Matters!

Beauty and Size Have No Correlation

What would a regular person say when asked the simple question, define who is beautiful according to you? The stereotypical response to this would be, a slim woman with a pretty face would make a person beautiful. Well, these norms have undergone a tremendous change and the stereotypical response to this simple question is also changing with time.

The ‘unhealthy’ mindset of people when it comes to defining beauty is changing because of the revolutionary outtakes of plus sized models, who have taken over the industry by storm and are inspiring women to be who they are. A few women, who are determined to change the mindset that a healthy body is the sign of an imperfect figure. A few women, who want to extinguish the fact that something called an ‘imperfect’ figure actually exists in the world.

Ashley Graham Plus Size Model

While the advantages of this movement will be discussed ahead, let’s not forget that this has also helped change the trend that in order to be a successful model, you have to have a slim and trim figure. A dangerous thought given all the implications women all over the world, who aspire to be models face in order to have that so-called perfect figure.

The constant focus of the industry on the part that in order to have a stellar modelling career, one needs to be thin has resulted in things that are exhausting and has had aspiring models give too much of their focus on it rather than just being themselves. From trying new diet programs to undergoing juice cleanses and things similar to them in order to be ‘skinny’ has taken a toll on their bodies and has resulted in fatigues and failures.

The need to be skinny constantly has played with their minds, and a lack of success has brought lives crashing down in a matter of moments. Well, now there is a new outlook on this matter. Body positivity has taken over because of a few belles who decided that enough was enough. It was time for the plus sized community to step out of the shadows and force the world to take notice. It was time that they took over the limelight and showed the world that figures do not determine beauty, instead of being happy in your own body does.

The arrival of these wonderful models has brought about a paradigm shift in the way the fashion industry works. The ‘rules’ of the industry seem to have been changing and now, there is no prerequisite for anyone to be skinny and slim in order to succeed as a model in the industry. They have put the industry on notice and reminded them that the plus size community is here to stay for a long time.

Famous Plus Size Models

The Flag Bearers of this Revolution

While the community is now growing in huge numbers with more and more women stepping out and becoming confident of who they are, there was always a need for someone to the frontline the arrival of the community in the industry. One of the pioneers for this was Ashley Graham. Anyone from the industry who does not know who Ashley Graham is, might either be a novice or is lying about being a part of the industry. A female who is in love with her curves was among the first to arrive on the scene and garner success as a plus size model.

Hundreds of assignments, front covers of some of the top magazines in the world are a part of Graham’s stellar modelling career. She was among the firsts to compete with top models for bragging rights for the plus size community and it is safe to say that she has managed to achieve more than just that.

Having seen her dreams come true, Ashley Graham has now taken up the mantle of promoting plus size modelling in order to help more women like her achieve their ambition in the industry. Right from setting up of workshops for aspiring models, to penning articles about the obsession to gain the right figure, Ashley Graham tirelessly works towards ensuring the continued success of plus size models in the industry.

Another such inspirational tale of a plus size model making it big is that of Naomi Shimada. A 15 year veteran of the industry, Shimada has appeared on the covers of magazines like Oh Comely and InStyle. Very outspoken about the hardships models face in the industry and the hard facts of the industry, she intends on sending out the message that everyone has their ‘flaws’ and there is nothing to be ashamed about it.

Plus Size Models

The rapid rise of these two models along with others has resulted in the fashion industry reducing the focus on the need to be slim in order to succeed. The work these models have done has made others like them to take up this profession without batting an eyelid. It has also made other people set up and take notice of the way the fashion industry is undergoing change.

Programs like the Curve Project London, a British program has also undertaken the campaign for promoting plus size models in the industry. They regularly organize workshops which help aspiring models know about the casting tips and also provides insights on the photoshoots, hair and makeup lessons among other things.

A project that persuades women to work hard in order to make it big in the industry without really thinking about their size, the Curve Project London caused quite a stir with their arrival in the industry.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway for the plus size community from this movement is the fact that some of the ‘regular’ sized models have now jumped ship and have become plus sized models themselves. Krystal Ren and Katrina, two well-established models made the switch and became plus size models as they found it to be more ‘beautiful and healthy’. They now walk out with dazzling confidence and showcase their frames and curves to the entire world fully in awe and confident of themselves.

Top Plus Size Models

What is it that sets them apart from the rest?

Why has the trendsetting done by these models have gotten so much importance and garnered all this attention? The answer to that is extremely simple. They came with a clear cut message, that in order to be beautiful you do not need to shrink to a skinny size. They have encouraged women of all shapes and sizes to look in the mirror and feel confident about themselves.

They have made them realize that size does not determine who is beautiful and who isn’t. They are making them know that being plus-sized is not a ‘flaw’, instead, it is just a regular thing as any other.

Their examples are now being carried forward by other newcomers and the community of plus sized models in the fashion industry is growing at an exciting rate. The future for this community is extremely bright and there will be more to come from them.