Swimsuit Cover-Ups and Their Importance for Plus Size Ladies

Having discussed just how important swimsuits are for the plus size ladies all across the world, it is important to determine the importance of the cover-ups you dorn when you are out on your day at the beach or when you are chilling at a resort.

Over the years, the importance of cover-ups has gradually been on the rise and during some time of the year, it also manages to eclipse the importance of swimsuits, believe it or not.

Why you ask. Well, because swimsuits are not worn everywhere, but a cover-up is required everywhere you decide to take a swim. Bikinis and tankinis can be donned at beaches where you have basically gone to enjoy the sun and get a brilliant tan.

Best Swimsuit Cover Up For Plus Size

You won’t need a swimsuit then, but you will need a cover-up should you choose to visit a nearby shack or bar in order to enjoy a cocktail or a drink with a big meal.

Cover Up Swimsuit Plus Size

The Importance Of Cover-Ups

Investing in a few cute swim cover-ups is almost as important as investing in the swimsuit itself! A good cover-up allows you to make your way to the pool or the beach in style.

Swimsuit cover-ups are breezy, lightweight, and provide plenty of coverage to keep you protected and, well, covered. Basically, they should be a must-have item on your list of summer essentials.

Long Swimsuit Cover Up Plus Size

Cover-ups have proven to come in handy as a swimwear piece, whether lounging poolside or taking a dip in the ocean, according to a lot of women, plus size or not.

Some of the best-sellers come from brands like Eloquii, Lane Bryant, and Elan, to name a few, and are just as stylish as they are functional.

Long Swimsuit Cover Ups Plus Size

Staying comfortable, dry, and summer-ready are the three biggest traits or advantages of a cover-up and that is why they are such an important part of the beach ensemble.

Just as you want to take some time to carefully consider your options for a swimsuit, you also need to shop around to find the perfect plus size cover-up to go with it.

The good news is that there are cover-ups available in plus sizes that also come in a wide range of cuts and styles. For most plus size women, opting for a flowy, light cover-up usually feels most comfortable.

Plus Size Black Swimsuit Cover Up

You will have options like a long tank dress, a maxi style t-shirt cover-up, an off-the-shoulder flowing tunic, and much more. It is all about finding a style that makes you feel your best and does not feel restricting.

Cover-ups come in a wide variety of materials, most of which are usually light yet opaque. Some materials are also UV-blocking to protect the skin from the sun.

Some of the more common options may include nylon, spandex, rayon, cotton, lycra, or what is known as a combination or blend of more than one of the materials listed.

Plus Size Long Swimsuit Cover Up

In addition to the fit, you also want to think about how much sun protection you are looking for. Length is also going to be vital as you look for a plus size cover-up.

A longer cover-up is usually best if your bathing suit is a skirtini or a swim-dress, but a one-piece suit, tankini, or a bikini will go well with just about any style of the cover-up.

Plus Size Long Swimsuit Cover Ups

It is all about picking out the style that you feel most comfortable fit over your bathing suit. During summertime, it can become unbearably hot, and the only way to escape the heat is to head down to the pool or beach.

For that reason, swimsuits are fast becoming every woman’s wardrobe staple. But a tiny bikini isn’t really what everyone feels comfortable walking around all the time. And that’s where beach cover-ups come in.

The flowy and cute wardrobe essential comes in crochet patterns, bright colors, sultry see-through mesh, pastel shades, and even some as rompers.

Plus Size Sheer Swimsuit Cover Up

The fabric used to make cover-ups is airy and light meaning you’ll never end up all sweaty and sticky, ticking all the boxes of great beachwear.

What Cover-ups To Opt For

A black margarita high-low cover-up: This wonderful choice of a cover-up can also double up as a day time dress if you wish to make it that. While the material is a little sheer if it comes up against the light too often, it is perfect for the summer.

Plus Size Swimsuit And Cover Up Set

It suits the hot and sometimes extremely hot days of the summer. The other advantage that it possesses is that because of its material, it dries off quickly as well.

You might also sometimes worry about your cover-up shrinking or its color fading away, you need not worry about that with a black margarita high-low cover-up.

The material is ideal for a fun and quirky day out at the beach, the sometimes sheerness of the dress can also act as a good flirty option for you. All in all, it makes for a great cover-up dress option for all you plus size ladies.

Plus Size Swimsuit Cover Up Pattern

A Retro Theme Inspired Cover-up

The newest resort collections all have one thing in common: a decidedly retro tone. In the coverup department, a 70’s inspired coverup is making waves among the people on the way for their tropical vacation.

Plus Size Swimsuit Cover Up

They are really easy to carry on a sunny day around the sandy beaches of your destination. They come in various lengths, ones which lead to the knees and some which go along till your ankles.

You can choose what style you want to go for and in the end, you will for sure be satisfied with what you have got. Tropical vacation days in a coverup is a dream for many, it is about time you accomplish yours.

A Swiss Dot Cover-up

A buttoned shirt with a v-neck collar a Swiss dot cover-up is one that oozes class and style as a cover-up dress. It is also a very practical choice for a plus size beach cover-up as it helps you feel comfortable and stylish with no practical age bar to this particular dress.

Plus Size Swimsuit Cover Ups For Women

If you wish to, you can also pair it up with shorts in order to look chic and maybe drop in for some time are the bar with a cocktail in your hand, grooving to some great jam.

It is a cotton dress that looks pleasant to the skin, is really versatile and comfortable for the women wearing it. Sometimes the sleeves are adjustable which also gives a different diversity to the dress over other cover-ups.

Plus Size Swimsuits And Cover Ups

It is available in a lot of colors, but white is among the best and is preferred by a lot of plus size women.

Things To Consider When Buying Cover-ups


Solid and neutral colors such as black, white, dark navy blue, and chocolate brown blend effortlessly with your entire wardrobe. That makes mixing and matching as well as accessorizing with these colors easy.

Your Body Shape

Beach cover-ups are ideal for hiding your bottom half. Moreover, they give you an attractive silhouette for a teasing look. If your hips are slim, a sarong cover-up will create beautiful curves.

Plus Size Tunic Swimsuit Cover Up

Try a long chambray cover up to achieve a super-chic look. What’s more, the fabric is lightweight allowing your body to breathe easily in the summer heat.

Advantages Of A Cover-up

You can wear your cover-up at the beach or pool, and it can work double duty for a night out. Whether you’re rocking a fun print or a bright color, a cover-up gives you the perfect beach vibe.

Swimsuits For All Plus Size Cover Ups

If you’re not really sure what color suits you best, go for neutrals colors such as white or nude. White, for instance, is a fresh color to adorn against the stunning blue pool or ocean.

A cover-up can double up as a sundress. When you’re not at the beach, you can still wear it as a sundress-print or solid. Kimono cover-ups are all the rage right now.

Nothing says you’re fashionable and all set for the summer like a lightweight kimono cover-up. Keep it breezy and free with a printed one. Offered in different styles, prints, and lengths, you’re sure to get one that suits your personality.

Women's Plus Size Swimsuit Cover Up

If you’re endowed with curves, we encourage you to flaunt them. There is an array of cover-ups to flatter your shape and to help you feel comfortable in your own skin when at the beach.

Womens Plus Size Swimsuit Cover Ups

Browse and shop through a wide selection both online and offline to find your perfect cover-up. Do not settle for something that does not suit you well and something you do not like.

There is a perfect cover-up out there for everyone and we are sure you will find what you like easily in the competitive market of today.