The Era of Plus Size Swimsuits

The long-standing fashion of models in a swimsuit, endorsing brands of swimwear is something that will never go out of fashion. It is one of the most sought after things in the fashion world, a swimsuit and a model who can pull it of in an amazing way.

Featuring on magazines with a swimsuit on is a way for a model to know that they have made it big in the industry after facing cut-throat competition from a huge number of competitors.

Over the years, the trend or thought process followed by designers and swimwear brands is to immediately go for slim models. It has been proclaimed that a thin model draped in a swimsuit is the biggest glory of the fashion industry.

Plus Size Swimsuits For Women

Well, that is not the case anymore. Plus size models are backing up their entry in the fashion world by going a step further and modeling in swimsuits themselves. Right from the time Ashley Graham and other plus size models started featuring on the coveted Sports Illustrated cover in a swimsuit, the fashion industry sat straight and took notice of what was happening around them.

Since then, the game has changed. Every major swimwear brand now has its own line of swimwear for plus size women. In the end, the choice is left to these women to select the type of swimwear they want to flaunt their curves in.

A long way ahead from the times when there were only one or two types of swimwear available for this category of people. So, with the change in the game and a variety of options to look at while choosing, what are the factors women need to remember before buying their plus size swimwear.

Swimsuits For Different Body Shapes

When shopping for the most flattering plus size swimsuits, the most basic thing you need to know is your body shape or type. Knowing your body type means knowing exactly where your problem areas and your assets are, the ones you would want to camouflage and the ones you want to show off, and which type of swimsuit designs you should wear based on these factors.

There are six basic plus size body types: apple, rectangle, pear or triangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, and diamond. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to swimsuit choices. Let’s see what determines the choice of swimsuits for each of these six body shapes for plus size women.

Plus Size Swimsuits High Waisted

Plus Size Apple Shape

The easiest way to identify if you have an apple shape is to have a look at your shoulders, breasts and see how your weight is distributed. As an apple-shaped plus size woman, you have fuller breasts, have wide and rounded shoulders and you are top-heavy and carry most of your weight in the tummy and shoulder regions.

You are likely a goal if you have an apple body that would be to look for swimsuits that camouflage the tummy fats. Therefore, look for ones with attached tummy control panels. They tuck in the tummy and shape your waist like an hourglass. You can also play with stripes. Diagonal and horizontal patterns are perfect for slimming you down.

Avoid horizontal stripes at all costs though as they create the opposite effect and make you appear wider and bulkier. Furthermore, you can never go wrong with swimsuits that mimic an hourglass shape like peplum tankinis and A-line swim skirts. They create the illusion of a slimmer waist and wider hips.

Plus Size Pear Shaped

You have a plus size triangle body if your body meets the following descriptions. Your shoulders are noticeably narrower than your hips. You have small to average breasts compared to the full breasts of an apple-shaped figure.

Your waist curve is well-defined despite the chances of it having a weight gain. Your hips and thighs are prominent and where you carry and gain the most fat which also makes them the areas where your weight is saturated the most. All the drama should be happening at your upper body while your lower body (hips) should be downplayed.

Plus Size Swimsuits With Tummy Control

This is to balance your proportion and make your hips appear slimmer while your narrow shoulders are wider. When and if you decide on wearing stripes, wear diagonal and vertical stripes as your bottom but avoid horizontal ones.

Horizontal lines will make your hips appear wider while diagonal and vertical will slim you down. You can wear horizontal stripes as your top though. It’ll enhance your shoulders. But don’t wear them as your bottom. In case you wish to enhance some of your less influenced body parts, you can enhance your breasts by wearing push-up bikini tops.

If you’re not a fan of bulky push-up tops, go for embellished and voluminous tops like off-shoulder ruffled tops. Remember, the drama should be happening at the top.

Plus Size Inverted Triangle Shaped

If you have an inverted triangle-shaped plus size body, these are among the most defined features of your body shape. You are top-heavy. Meaning, your upper body is wider than your lower body. You have wide and broad shoulders. Your breasts are well-endowed.

Your hips are noticeably narrower compared to your shoulders. Your booty tends to be flattish to average. To create a more feminine look, your likely goal would be to visually slim down your shoulders while enhancing your hips. You can slim down your shoulders by wearing deep plunging V or U-neck swimsuits. They’re excellent at making your shoulders appear narrower.

To widen your hips, opt for bikini bottoms with embellishments like strings, ruffles, and frills. The extra details will trick the eyes into seeing your hips as wider. You can also play with prints. Wear plain dark colors as your top and loud prints as your bottom. Plain colors (especially black) are slimming while prints and louder colors are enhancing.

Plus Size Swimwear High Waisted

Plus Size Rectangle Shaped

There’s quite a difference between a lean rectangle and a plus size rectangle. To illustrate that, here are the characteristics of a lean rectangle body, you have little or no waist definition. Your breasts and booty are small or average.

Hips, waist, and shoulders are almost the same width. However, once a lean rectangle turns into a plus size rectangle, the last description no longer applies. True, a rectangle body tends to gain weight equally in all parts. But this is only true for a rather short extent of weight gain. When faced with an extreme weight gain, most rectangles gain the most weight in their midsection, making them more of an apple than a rectangle.

Like a plus size apple, a plus size rectangle should opt for swimsuits that camouflage the tummy. You can do this by wearing swimsuits with tummy control panels or wearing slimming patterns like diagonal and vertical stripes. To enhance your breasts, push-up bikini tops are your best bet.

But if you find push-up tops restrictive, opt for voluminous tops with ruffles and frills in it. They’ll make your breasts appear larger without having to adjust your cleavage.

Plus Size Hourglass Shaped

You have an hourglass figure if you have some of these well-defined characteristics in your figure. You have large breasts and wide hips. Your shoulders and hips are proportionately balanced. Despite a weight gain, your waist is still well-defined.

You gain the most amount of fat on your hips and bust. Your shoulders-waist-hips proportion is 4-2-4. Consider yourself lucky if you’re an hourglass. Of all plus size body types, you have the most harmoniously balanced proportion. Meaning, your shape is versatile and it can almost always look good in any swimsuit.

Plus Size Swimwear Near Me

You might have little inconveniences though like a slight tummy bulge. But there’s nothing that a swimsuit can’t easily fix. Another thing you should take into consideration is your large breasts.

You need to find bikini tops that offer enough support for your breasts without you having to worry about a wardrobe malfunction. You can do this by wearing push-up bikini tops (usually with underwire) or sports bras (without underwire and usually more comfortable).

Plus Size Diamond Shaped

You have a diamond body if your hips are the widest part of your body. You tend to gain the most fat on your lower stomach, buttocks and back hips. You gain fat in your uppermost thighs. Your legs and arms are slender and shapely and they’re your assets.

Some women mistake the diamond body with apple. However, there are two distinct differences: the shoulders and the waist. With a diamond-shaped body, the shoulders aren’t as bulky as an apple. They’re also more angular than round. Your problem areas are your midsection and back hip where you carry the most weight.

Therefore, the goal is to camouflage these parts in order to bring focus to your best features which are your shapely arms and legs.

Ladies, always remember that in the end you are the queen and you get to choose what suits you best. So, select the best available option based on your body shape and swim away!