10 Amazing Styling Tips For Curvy Girls

Having curved body does not mean to be ashamed of yourself as you cannot follow new style and trends that flatter your body type. If you have a positive attitude regarding what you have, you can experiment with different styles and fashion and can beat even the girls with a fit body.

There are lots of girls with a curved body who feel they are not good enough in following the right style. But, they do not know that if they will follow these amazing styling tips for curvy girls, they will gain inner strength and confidence, and will look great.

Styling Tips For Curvy Girls

Don’t Hide Your Belly

Many curvy girls usually end up choosing unflattering and baggy clothes just to hide their belly. But, they do not know that this approach can make them look more curvy and unattractive. It is not a way to feel good about you.

Instead, you can choose shapewear to give the right shape to your curves. But, sometimes, these shapewear and high-waist jeans create lumps around your belly even where they are not any. So, make sure to find the clothes that make you comfortable and happy rather than hiding your tummy.

Plus Size Woman Belly

No Oversized Clothes

Only too skinny girls may look good in oversized clothes. If you are a curvy girl, you should always opt for clothes which are not too tight and show off shape. Oversized clothes will always leave you over-curved girl, like a t-shirt dress is completely no for you, but on the other hand, you can go for a maxi dress or a kaftan as such clothes skim the curves.

Avoid Plus Size Oversized Clothes

To give an easy shape to your curves, be smart in choosing the loose shirt or tunic with tight trousers or jeans. It will be one of the best styling tips for curvy girls.

Choose The Right Shoes

When we talk about the stylish tips for curvy girls, how we can forget choosing the right shoes for you? The style is all about head-to-toe. Whether you are going to wear a skirt, trouser or a pant, pointy tips and low heels help in giving you a look with reduced shape. It is good to wear vamp shoe where vamp ends at the top of your feet, in case if you have shorter legs.

plus size women with shoes

Always wear a pair of shoes which makes you feel comfortable in, it can be heels, vamp, flats, etc.

Invest In Right Undergarments

It is always recommended to wear the right innerwear as they play a great role in making or breaking your outfit. So, make sure to wear the right undergarments. Even if you have the perfect outfit, it can hinder your look and shape if you do not have the proper foundation to pull it off.

Plus Size Undergarments

You must buy the innerwear/lingerie that ensures to avoid the unnecessary bulk to your curved body. For heavier bust size, you must go for full coverage bra, whereas for bottoms, you must buy seamless undies to go perfectly with fitted dresses or pants.

Find The Right Body Shape

Always keep in mind that all curvy girls are different. No matter what body size you have, still it is advisable to know your curved body shape to grab the right style that flatters you. It can be triangle, hourglass, diamond, oval, figure eight, inverted triangle or anything, figuring it out helps you to a great extent in finding the right clothes that flatter your specific body shape.

Plus Size Body Shape

If you want to follow styling tips for curvy girls, do not be afraid of trying different sizes to get the perfect size as per your shape.

Try Crop Tops

Crop tops are something that most of the curvy girls do not agree to go with them. It is so because showing off a little tummy can make you a body shame. If you have a bulky tummy, you must strictly avoid crops tops. But, they look amazing on girls with full-figured body i.e. low tummy fat coming out of their body shape.

Plus Size Crop Tops

There is no harm in showing off the little body if you have the sexy curves. This is what crops tops do for you and gives you freedom to go out with some classy outfits.

Knee-highs Or Thigh-highs

You can never go wrong with Knee-highs or thigh-highs stockings or shoes when we are discussing the best styling tips for curvy girls. To add a style and attitude to your personality, you can wear Knee-highs or thigh-highs stockings or shoes with skirts and dresses. This combination not only helps in making your thicker legs look awesome but adds a style to your look.

Plus Size Thigh-highs

It can be the best idea for those who always look for adding a classy appeal to their curves and heavy-looking legs.

Identify Your Fabrics

Identifying your fabrics will help you to make your shopping easier and stress-free, like if you know what flatters your body type; nothing can be compared with this wonderful shopping experience. Whether going to shop on an offline or online store, knowing the right fabrics which work for you, you will always end up with a confident attitude.

Plus Size Fabrics

Always go for fabrics that make you feel good and comfortable in your outfits. If you know that chiffon is the best choice to bring sexy or silk works in highlighting your lumps and bumps, you are clear about what to choose.

Belts Can Be Your Friend

Where most of the curvy girls usually stay away from wide belts, they work as a rescue accessory to make you look slimmer by bringing more attention to your waist. In addition, belts can be a wonderful idea to add definition to your curves. They also help in hiding the extra fabric, if you do not have time to alter your dress or shirt. The wider belts always work better than thin belts for the curved body.

Plus Size Dress with Belt

Get Stitch From A Tailor

Styling tips for curvy girls is not completed without suggesting tailor-make clothes. Suppose, you have gone to some store or have seen one amazing outfit online, but it does not fit your body shape and size. No need to disappoint when you have a solution to it. Simply, have its picture if it is in an offline store or save a picture from online, get it designed and stitched from a good tailor.

Stitch Plus Size Dress

You can also customize its design as per your choice to make sure it flatters your body type.


Hope, these styling tips for curvy girls will surely help you in getting the right outfit for your body type and stay stylish.

Always wear what makes you feel good and never let ‘what others will think’ thought to rule your mind.


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