Best Sites for Plus Size Swimsuits

With the increasing influence of plus size models and voices on the internet, there are many brands who are now recognising the need for more inclusive sizing. Study shows that at least sixty-five percent of the women in the United States fall under the category of plus size. This means that moat women were not able to find the right styles and sizes for themselves.

With increasingly changing trends a lot of brands are now creating lines meant especially for plus size women. It is much easier to find plus size swimsuits now than it was a couple of years back. There are many well-known brands that have come up with great styles and many different plus size swimsuits that women can wear to the beach or to the pool.

Here are some of the best plus size swimsuits and plus size swimwear collections for women all over the world


Summersalt is a new age e-commerce company that has taken the world by storm. They have a wide variety of designs and vibrant colours available on their site. This makes it the best site for plus size swimsuits as it attracts attention online, which means it is meant to be marketed to today’s generation that is so driven by social media. You can get great outfits for your ‘Gram when you shop for plus size bikinis on this site.


One of the best brands that have ventured into the market of plus size swimwear. Anthropologie has a line that is named APlus. This line has some of the best plus size swimsuit designs and it provides some of the most affordable choices for great quality plus size swimsuits. All of them cost below one-twenty dollars. Some of the designs such as the ruffled one piece gives extra coverage and it is appealing as it has bright big prints on their plus size swimwear.


One of the best sites to visit for plus size bikinis is Andie. Andie is a great online brand that has exquisite collections and amazing styles that have different cuts and brilliant fits. This will not only make you feel great, it will also make you feel comfortable. There are several different colours in the plus size bikinis that are available on Andie. They boast of compression lining that will help you look more toned, apart from using designer quality fabric. This brand also has very fairly priced goods that range from forty-five to hundred dollars.

Loft Plus

Loft plus is one of the most reliable online stores for plus size swimwear. They have different patterns and prints which range from floral tunics to flowy tankinis and solid strapless tops. Not only does this site have a wide range of plus size swimsuits on their catalogues they also happen to have great sundresses and cover-ups to accompany your plus size bikinis making a perfect outfit for a date on the beach. It contains nothing that is priced over ninety dollars and they have very budget friendly yet stylish designs.

Bruna Malucelli

This online brand has been known for its Instagram famous designs that have taken the social media by storm. Just recently, they launched a line that helped them enter the plus size swimwear market and they expanded to sized xl to 3xl. The best thing about this brand is that it has tailored designs to suit the person wearing them. Such as the gingham bikini on their site is available in low waist for small sizes, whereas a high-waist design for the plus size.

best swimsuit brands for plus size

There are several ombre style designs and tie-and-dye patterns that you can find on this site that you will not be able to find anywhere else.


Eloquii like the name suggests is one of the most elegant brands that design plus size swimsuits that look like they are straight off the runway. From formidable fits to affordable styles, there are many reasons why you want to try this brand for your plus size swimwear. The great thing about this brand is that it makes designs from sizes 12 to 28. The ruffled one-pieces the colour-blocked plus size bikinis are great examples of designs that will blow your friends away.

Kona Sol

This is a size inclusive brand launched by Target. This is one of the best brands for plus size bikinis as they have beautiful designs and great support. Their bikini tops have underwire support and the high waist bottoms are great way for busty women to look more toned and feel more confident.

This is one of the lesser known brands for plus size swimwear but it is one of the most affordable and easily available ones out there. The most expensive piece on this line costs forty-five dollars, making it a great choice for students or teenagers who are bound to want a new design for every party and Instagram picture.

Alpine Butterfly

One of the best online sites for plus size swimsuits that has taken the world by storm in just three years. Since its launch in 2017, this line that is designed by the famous Olga Caro has eye grabbing prints and they cover large prints from the seventies to the neon colourblock patterns from recent trends.

This site covers it all. There is hardly any other site that has more Instagram worthy plus size swimwear. You can never go wrong in the hands of an excellent designer like Olga who has carefully curated styles to cater to plus size women.

plus size name brand swimsuits


Another great site for plus size swimsuits, Bissy is known for their creative inputs. This means that you will be able to find basic designs with fun twists. This means that there are many solid one pieces with mesh, tie-up or keyhole details, that add that extra oomph factor to your plus size swimsuits and make you stand out in the crowd. This also means that these designs are picture-perfect and will make great outfits for your vacations or romantic outings.

One of the best things about Bissy happens to be the size range. Bissy concentrates on the ‘middle’ sizes. That means women who would be uncomfortable in petite sizes and are tiny for plus size bikinis and swimsuits can turn to Bissy for help. They will find their size here within a reasonable price range. This makes Bissy a must try for all.

Fashion to Figure

Another great online brand that is creating waves in the world of plus size swimwear is Fashion to Figure. This brand wins with their on-trend ideas and bold designs. If you are one of the bold and beautiful and would like to try neon colours and louder trends, this is the site you want to visit.

You can find a wide range of products from cut-outs to plus size bikinis, this site has it all. With the great price point and sizes varying from 12 to 24, this site is hits the bull’s eye.


This is one of the famous online stores that has made some great progress. With their trending designs and affordable prices, shein has become the go to online store for many women all over the world. Not only does Shein provide an excellent range of plus-size clothes, they have also done a great job in curating designs and styles for plus size bikinis. You will be able to find easily pairable plus size bikini tops and even high waisted bottoms.

With their affordable prices, you can even buy some extra pieces to mix and match. This is a great way to expand your beach wardrobe. Shein is a well-known and reliable name, you are bound to get good quality products and great fitting with this site.

plus size swimsuit brands


If you are in countries that are situated in the middle east or Asia, you may be unwilling to pay a large sum to have these sites ship from their warehouses in western countries to deliver to your doorstep. It may seem like no brand in your country is hearing your needs, but you can always rely on this company that is known to provide sporting goods.

Even if you are a woman who is looking for plus size swimsuits for sporting events, you cannot go wrong with this choice. And surprisingly, decathlon does come up with some attractive prints and well-fitting sizes. With their affordable range and numerous choices, Decathlon is the way to go!

These sites will help you select the best swimsuits for you and help you keep up with the trends and get great pictures on the beach without feeling uncomfortable and while looking your very best. Go ahead and try them today!