Tips To Choose Stunning Swimsuits For Curvy Women

Just because you are a curvy woman does not mean that you have to compromise on your look. Also, curvy women are always suggested to hide their curves, where some of them usually seen little confused about what to wear when they are planning to visit a beach or a pool with their friends or family.

If you are a swimming lover and have a plus size, you can still get a nice and flattering swimsuit based on your size. The best part that you should always cherish is the blessing of curves, where swimsuits for curvy women works great in showing off those curves, so do not hide them.

Best One Piece Swimsuits For Curvy Women

You can find a number of swimwear for curvy women options available in great designs, patterns, and styles. If you are finding it as a challenge to choose the right swimwear, these tips will help you out in this situation.

Before moving further, stand in front of the mirror and get the answers to these questions.

  • What parts of your body you do not want to show others?
  • What parts of your body do you want to highlight?

After getting the answers, now you can proceed with the given tips to buy the stunning swimsuit for you.

Combination of varied colors

No doubt all curvy women always look for an outfit that makes them look slimmer. The same happens when they look for swimsuits for curvy women. In this case, going with a combination of varied colors, in vertical or cross patterns, works perfectly in giving you a slim appearance.

You can choose dark colors as they tend to flatter your curves and also avoid choosing printed swimsuits with too large prints.

Best Swimsuit Styles For Curvy Women

Avoid too much fabric

If you are the one who wants to hide your bulky figure as much as you can, you must remember that choosing too much fabric can result to adding extra volume to your figure and you will end up looking more bulky than actually you are. The section you need to cover completely depends on your body shape and size.

Like, if you have a bulky tummy and large hips, you must choose swimwear for curvy women with an empire waist, which hides the desired section of your heavy figure beautifully while giving a stunning look.

Look for a swimsuit with torso support

Many of the curvy women have large breasts, so obviously they will look for swimwear that not only gives the essential support to their torso but brings out the actual shape of the torso. The swimsuits with wide straps, underwire or a halter top can be your best choice that helps in reducing the effect of the breast. Such swimsuits help in making your curves look more elegant.

Additionally, you must go with U or V-neckline as the best idea to make your large breasts look smaller.

Swimsuits with skirts, short or tankinis

No worries if you do not like a one-piece suit or if you are not a bikini lover, still you have plenty of alternatives that work great for such curvy women. You can opt for swimsuits with skirts, shorts or tankinis that not only helps in covering your waistline but give you comfort as well.

You can also swap the bottom with another one when choose to wear two-pieces swimsuit set.

Lace or mesh inserted swimwear

The swimwear for curvy women also comes in stylish designs, such as lace or mesh inserted, which enables you to wear something stunning by keeping your plus-size concerns at one side.

Curvy One Piece Swimsuits For Women

You can choose flirty sarong styled swimsuit, which along with giving you an attractive and fashionable appeal, also gives you the best alternative if you are not comfortable with your hips or thighs.

Mini-skirted swimwear to cover hips and thighs

If you are worried about hips or thighs and looking for a swimwear style that can help you in covering those parts, none can give you better coverage than mini-skirted swimwear. It gives you a stylish way of covering your curves while at the beach or pool.

Wearing excess ruffles can make your look unappealing as well as take away the attention from your positive assets, so it is better to avoid it.

Crochet swimsuits for a feminine feel

To hide those stretch marks, Crochet lace swimsuits for curvy women gives you enough coverage along with giving an extra feminine feel. But the one with detachable and adjustable straps and padded buster top that makes you able to adjust your bust and keep the fit secure and comfortable.

Swimsuits For Curvy Women

Though some advice to avoid crochet style as it can add volume to your figure, so if feel uncomfortable, you can go for another style.


Above all, instead of looking for stunning styles of swimsuits for curvy women, you should go for something that makes you feel comfortable. You should look for the style that suits your taste as well as is comfortable to wear. So, keep these things in mind and choose your swimwear wisely.

So, why to wait for more when you have these tips for finding the right swimwear for your curvy figure?

Get the one for your body type and also which makes you look hot and classy.