Best Swimsuits for Plus Size Women

Contrary to popular belief, fashion is hardly about the passing trends and expensive clothing. Fashion is an expression of yourself and a medium that should cater to your needs and can be altered to your advantage.

With the increasing number of skinny and tall models adorning the front pages of fashion magazines, fashion seems to be becoming more and more exclusive.

If you are a plus size woman who loves to hang out at the beach or want to make the most of your time by the pool on your vacation, you need the best outfits to go.

2 Piece Swimsuit For Plus Size Women

It is important to remember that fashion should be accessible to everyone. Yet, it Is best to judge what designs and patterns suit your body best and make decisions accordingly.

Beach Belle Swimsuits For Plus Size Women

The secret to looking good in any clothes, especially plus size swimwear, is to make sure that you are wearing the perfect fit and accentuating all the aspects of your body that you like.

Best Swimsuit Style For Plus Size Women

Here are some plus size swimsuit ideas that will help you pick out your perfect beach party outfit-

Off-Shoulder Swimsuits

A great style to try plus size swimsuits in would be the off-shoulder look. This look was very popular in the eighties and has made a big return in the fashion industry since late 2018.

Best Swimsuits For Plus Size Women

This is a perfect style for plus size swimwear because it attracts attention towards all the good parts of your body, drawing attention to your shoulders and making them look broader.

Best Swimsuits For Women Plus Size

This helps you look more proportioned and makes for a great plus size swimwear idea.

Body Enhancing Swimsuits For Plus Size Women

You can experiment with this idea in multiple ways. One of the best-off shoulders plus size swimsuit ideas is to wear a swimsuit with a tie-up in the front.

This will add an extra oomph to your outfit and make sure you don’t look like a plain jane.

Chlorine Resistant Swimsuits For Plus Size Women

You can also try these swimsuits in bright solid colours and pair them with contrasting sandals or flip flops.

Cute Swimsuits For Plus Size Women

A great way to wear this style would be looking for large floral prints that will be some flattering volume to the look.

Do Plus Size Women Hate To Shop For Swimsuits

Mesh Pattern

Another way to look sexy in a plus size swimsuit is to experiment with mesh details.

It is not necessary that you need to wear a bikini to show skin or look sensuous.

Flattering Swimsuits For Plus Size Women

You can even pick out a one-piece bathing suit which has the right mesh overlay or pattern that reveals the best parts of your body and accentuate your curves. This will make you feel confident and surely youthful.

High Leg Plus Size Swimsuits For Women

You can choose comparatively dark colours for this pattern. A royal or navy blue plus size swimsuit with mesh details can never go wrong.

Long Torso Swimsuit Tops For Plus Size Women

You can even pick plus size swimwear with scoop back and low cuts that have a mesh detail to make you feel sexy as well as make sure you can truly enjoy your swim.

Long Torso Swimsuits For Plus Size Women

Cut-out Monokini

One of the best things about plus size swimwear is that you can try on different styles and patterns to select what for you.

If you want to look sexy and bring out the curvaceous side on you, you can experiment with plus size swimsuits that have cut-outs.

Longitude Swimsuits For Plus Size Women

These cut-outs can work wonders in drawing attention to certain parts of the body while covering the others.

This works great for plus size women as you can carefully pick out a Monokini that shows of your hands, shoulders and hips or the parts of your body that you are most comfortable with.

Plus Size Swimsuit Cover Ups For Women

You can opt for many different options in this style of plus size swimwear. There are several open backs, open rib swimsuits that are available in famous stores such as Shein.

Patterns For Plus Size Womens Swimsuit Cover


Tankinis are a great way to draw attention to your arms and upper back. If those are the features that you love about yourself this is the plus size swimwear that you must try!

Plus Size Swimsuits For Long Torso Women

These plus size swimsuits come in different styles too! The A-line tankini is similar to an A-line dress and it makes your shoulders and chest seem broader while giving your hips the illusion of being smaller.

This is a great way to flaunt your curves and it is the best plus size swimwear for a beach date as it can be teamed with a nice straw hat and some Greek sandals for your romantic day together.

Plus Size Swimsuits For Women Over 60

Cross Front Bathing Suit

This is one of the best plus size swimsuits that will help you draw attention to your natural curves and add an extra oomph factor to your regular one-piece swimsuit look.

Plus Size Swimsuits With Underwire For Women

This allows for an open shoulder design, making them appear broader. This is why these plus size swimsuits are a great way to create the illusion of a leaner and more defined body structure.

Plus Size Womens Swimsuit For Swimmers

This style will look most elegant in royal colours like emerald or bright colours like an orange that will add a jolly bounce to your appearance.


Another great option if you are looking for plus size swimsuits. This is a great option as it gives you a more refined and elegant look.

Printed woman Swimsuits For Women Plus Size

This is perfect for an evening by the beach playing volleyball or to enjoy a picnic basket by the bonfire. This dress will draw all the attention towards the upper half of your body, making you look taller and slimmer.

Short Tankini Swimsuits For Plus Size Women

This is a great plus size swimwear to team with a long shrug and some colourful flip flops to make some heads turn.

Swimsuit Coverups For Plus Size Women Always For Me

You can buy beach dresses with colourful borders, or some small floral patterns. You can even find some beach dresses that have abstract designs in the plus size swimwear section.

If you have a pool party that you can’t wait for or a fun day at the beach planned out- make sure you try these brilliant ideas for plus size swimwear to make sure that you look your best no matter what the setting is.

Swimsuit Coverups For Plus Size Women

Get the perfect picture for your social media with the beach in the backdrop with these amazing plus size swimwear ideas.

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