Take A Cue From Plus Size Models In Swimsuits And Hit The Beach In Style

Swimsuit Goals by Plus Size Models

The long-standing fashion of models in a swimsuit, endorsing brands of swimwear is something that will never go out of fashion. It is one of the most sought after things in the fashion world, a swimsuit and a model who can pull it of in an amazing way.

Featuring on magazines with a swimsuit on is a way for a model to know that they have made it big in the industry after facing cut-throat competition from a huge number of competitors.

Over the years, the trend or thought process followed by designers and swimwear brands is to immediately go for slim models. It has been proclaimed that a thin model draped in a swimsuit is the biggest glory of the fashion industry.

Plus Size Model In A Red Swimsuit

Well, that is not the case anymore. Plus size models are backing up their an entry in the fashion world by going a step further and modelling in swimsuits themselves.

Right from the time Ashley Graham featuring on the coveted Sports Illustrated cover in a swimsuit, the fashion industry sat straight and took notice of what was happening around them. Since then, the game has changed.

Every major swimwear brand now has their own line of swimwear for plus size women. In the end, the choice is left to these women to select the type of swimwear they want to flaunt their curves in.

A long way ahead from the times when there were only one or two types of swimwear available for these categories of people. So, with the change in the game and a variety of options to look at while choosing, what are the factors women need to remember before buying their plus size swimwear.

Factors to remember

Remembering your body shape: The first and the most obvious thing to remember when it comes to choosing your swimwear is your body shape. It has become the sort of a fundamental rule to choose attire that fits you well and brings out your curves in the right manner. Body shapes like that of an apple would require swimwear that brings out both the upper and lower body curves.

Plus Size Model In Swimsuit Edition

However, if the body is shaped like a pear, one would be better off choosing silhouettes that bring the upper body curves in the forefront while hiding the hips a little. In the end, it is all about choosing the swimsuit that brings out the best parts of your bodacious size and makes you want to flaunt them more and more.

Finding the right support: We are not talking about your mental support here, but physical support for your body. Every single woman deserves a great support system in their lives, and a swimsuit is simply an essential support system. Taking a cue, if a plus size model is slightly heavier on the chest side, having proper bust support is required.

So when you are in that shop trying to find a Great Swimsuit, make an inbuilt bra and a sturdy one at that your number one priority. It is important to remember that while having a swimsuit that makes you look great is important, having one that is sustainable is equally necessary. A swimsuit that is sustainable and great in shape and design goes a long way in helping you flaunt your curves with extreme confidence.

Wear what you like: So, when does one feel the most confident about themselves in terms of clothing and apparel. The answer is probably the easiest in the world when they wear what they like. Hunter McGrady, the plus size model on the 2018 edition of Sports Illustrated was fed up of not being able to find the perfect swimsuit for herself.

Plus Size Model In Swimsuit

A swimsuit, that brought out her curves instead of hiding them. What did she do then? Well, she decided to collaborate with a brand and make her own collection of swimsuits.

While the answer to wearing what you like isn’t the same as her decision to create her own line of swimwear, it is essentially telling plus size women that they should not compromise on what they like wearing.

There will always be options available, one has to remember to select what they find comfortable without really thinking twice about what the world will say. Because in the end, your confidence is more important than any other person’s opinion.

Essentials to keep in mind

Size and structure matter a lot. As discussed earlier, a model with an apple size figure would want to draw attention downwards towards her most flattering parts. Instead, if a model has the figure of an hour-glass, she would go for silhouettes which accentuate your waist as well your curves in the right places, especially the narrow waist.

With the emergence of plus size models and these models themselves turning designers or collaborating with a designer brand, the number of options for plus size women swimwear has increased a lot. Unique styles, which look classy and suit all types of plus size bodies are readily available in the market and online.

Plus Size Sexy Model In Swimsuit

This has brought about a new theme for plus size women. They can flaunt their bodies and curves in an attire they select or in some cases design and they do not have to think twice about it.

A lot of new styles like the cut-out underwire swimsuits, high-waisted bikini bottoms or the tie front cap sleeve bralette bikini have become popular after being endorsed by some of the top plus size models in the world. The trend of hot swimwear is no more confined to the archetypal models.

Instead, it has become bigger and broader ever since plus size models took it in their own hands to design swimwear that they looked the best in. A trend never goes out of style, and plus size models in swimsuits is one that will for sure not fade away in the coming years.

Ladies, always remember that in the end you are the queen and you get to choose what suits you best. So, select the best available option based on your body shape and swim away!