Tara Lynn- a Woman that Ages like Wine!

Unless you are living under a rock, you must have noticed the increasing number of curvy women modelling clothes in your favourite online stores.

You must have noticed the numerous magazine’s covers that have plus size models on them.

The fashion industry has gone through a lot of shifts in the past few years. It has become more aware of the needs of the average women and it has become more inclusive in nature.

Instagram Model Tara Lynn

Multiple brands and designers have recognised the need for a more representative set of models and this has led to the inclusion of many plus size models on runways and even on the cover of fashion magazines.

This journey has not been easy though. There have been many beautiful plus size models who can be named as pioneers in this industry, carving way for many more to follow their suit and fulfil their dreams.

Plus Model Tara Lynn

Not only have these plus size models opened up a world of opportunities for other aspiring plus size models, but they have also made a lot of women comfortable in their own skin.

Tara Lynn is one of the most underrated plus size models that have made a storm in the fashion industry.

She is an American model from Tacoma in Washington.

Tara Lynn Fashion Model

Tara Lynn was the first plus size models to be signed by IMG models. This worldwide talent agency represents some of the most successful models including the Hadid sisters and many Victoria’s Angels such as Gizele Oliveira.

As a kid, Tara was an above-average student and did fairly well in her academics. She was a small-town belonging from a middle-class family. she, later on, studied languages and she is also fluent in French and Arabic.

Tara Lynn Full Sized Model

Her husband is also part Spanish and part Venezuelan, making her well-versed with the Spanish language as well. Her husband owns a small restaurant in Seattle that specialises in Latino dishes.

Tara says she loves the tapas and Cuban bocadillos. This multilingual nature of hers makes her stand out in the numerous plus size models.

She is beauty with brains and is a driven person who has not only worked hard for herself but also supported causes that are close to her heart.

This was the first one of Tara’s many great achievements. She started out much later than most models. She was ‘discovered’ when she was 25. Surprising as it may be, this was not her first choice of profession.

Tara Lynn Model Body Measurement

She was studying music and sound theory. She wanted to gather the nerve to be a jingle singer, and hence decided to try something she thought she had no shot at!

Little did she know this would launch her into fame and make her one of the most successful plus size models.

Tara Lynn Model Weight

She walked into the office for an interview and accidentally landed herself in a plus size modelling job. After she found out how much it would pay, she never looked back! Good for her and us. Isn’t it?

She has done several campaigns ever since and has become a household name as a famous plus size model. She has done many famous campaigns and became well known after her first big feature on the cover of V and then, later on, went on to feature in French Elle’s Plus size models campaign.

Tara Lynn Model

She really made an impression with these campaigns as she landed another great role in the year 2011. She graced the cover of Vogue Italia. She also has been assigned work by Elle Quebec and Time magazine.

Tara Lynn is one of the most beautiful plus size models who are breaking tremendous barriers and continues to work as a model despite having given birth to two children.

Tara Lynn Plus Model

Tara has also been the face of many brands and featured on many billboards and campaigns. One of the companies that Tara Lynn is h&m.

She has also appeared on the covers of various promotions magazines such as the Lucky Fall Jeans’ campaign.

When Tara Lynn featured on the cover of Elle magazine the text beside it read, “The Body”, implying that this was a natural figure and that every woman should be proud of her curves.

Tara Lynn Plus Size Dress

This is a stark contrast to the messaging that Tara Lynn grew up with. As a kid, she was bullied and this may have been one of the factors that make her so motivated towards spreading the message of body positivity.

She has been a vocal figure in the campaign for body positivity and there are many instances where she has proven to be more than just a beautiful plus size model.

Tara Lynn Plus Size Model Age

Tara Lynn made the biggest headlines when she made the cover of the Swimsuit Illustrated.

Swimsuit Illustrated has been the Mecca of bikini modelling and it is one of the highest honours for plus size models to feature on the cover.

Tara was featured on the cover very recently. She was featured on the cover of the magazine at the age of 36. She has now become the oldest model to make it to the cover.

She recalls finding out about this when she got a call while picking up her kids from school. Of course, her excitement knew no bounds.

Tara Lynn Plus Size Model Biography

She proudly says that her age is one of the sweetest parts of the deal.

She understands very well how many women as bogged down and are shot down due to their size. She genuinely believes that people should pursue their dreams and that anything is possible.

Tara Lynn Plus Size Model Height And Weight

Tara Lynn is a great example of this and also the American Dream, that says anyone who works hard can make it in the great country of America.

She believes that as we grow older, our opportunities seem like they are narrowing down. Her feature on the cover of Swimsuit Illustrated has proven the exact opposite, to her and to her millions of followers.

Another surprising thing about this photoshoot is that it was less than one year after she gave birth to her youngest daughter Cindi.

Tara proudly says that she was not worried about the pregnancy belly and worked hard with her trainer to gain muscle.

Tara Lynn Plus Size Model Instagram

She believed that apart from being a plus size model, she also represents the natural beauty and wanted to look the part for the shoot. And boy did it pay off!

The photos were stunning and attracted the attention of many readers, making it one of the highest-selling magazine issues at the time.

She is very famous on Instagram and has a following of over six-hundred thousand followers.

She has been vocal about many issues including body positivity. She is a plus size model who is also very vocal about the environmental challenges that we face and she has always tried to do her part in making sure that we are aware and acknowledge the impact that humans have on the environment.

Tara Lynn Plus Size Model Measurements

She designed a string bikini that she wore for Swimsuits magazine’s cover shoot. She designed the bikini herself and has made sure that the colour is an earthy green, that reminds us of our role towards the environment.

The entrepreneur in her was well aware that a bikini featured on the cover will sell like hotcakes and she was right! She managed to convince the bosses at SI to let her have her way and the best part of this is that she has collaborated with an organisation ‘Trees for the Future’ that has promised to plant 10 trees for every bikini bought.

Tara Lynn Plus Size Models

The price of this bikini is a hundred dollars and it an average priced design that will help you work towards a good cause.

This venture has motivated her to try designing a bikini line in the future. Tara Banks is really looking forward to this opportunity as are we!

Tara Lynn Plus Size

There have also been many instances where Tara Lynn has had bold shoots and has posed nude for magazines like Elle France. She did share this cover with two other plus size models from France.

She has made quite a storm in the fashion industry and has a great personality. She is all in all one of the best plus size models that enjoy working for environmental change, body positivity and has a great impact in the world.

Tara Lynne Model

She is a mother and a great entrepreneur apart from being a potential designer. This is the reason why Tara Lynn stand out in the crowd is one of the best plus size models.

Go ahead and search for her on Instagram or on the IMG page.