Types Of Plus Size Bras Available Now: Ahead Of The Curves

What is the maximum size of bra you have heard of? Well to be honest, few years back the average size declared was 36C, but now according to new survey records, 36DD is the maximum size available for Plus size women. No worries, Plus size bras band size starts from around 38-40 band.

All of us are really fortunate that these days, designers have moved away from the skinny dress rule and are offering many different varieties of plus size bra.

Have a LOOK:

* Convertible Bra

* Demi Cup Bra

* Adhesive Bra

Full Figure Bras

* Mast ctomy Bra

* Balconette Bra

* Nursing Bra

* Full cup Bra

* Deep plunge Bra

* Bandeau Bra

* Minimising Bra

* Shelf Bra

All of these are available for plus sizes, YES! Bra industry defines various plus sizes in a group of 12-14 while 4 & 6X are super sizes and 7X and above is extended size. Finding the perfect bra that comfortably fits you should be declared as one of the trending issues in the country, we think we will find it and it will fit but just then the reality cuts a check making a world of difference. So before searching for the right one, we need to measure our actual size.

Here are a few top brands that offer the most lucrative bras along with the variety in sizes:

Branissimo : Vibrant colors, fresh prints and fashionable designs. Band size: 28-40 and Cup sizes: D-L

Panache : Bright Prints and Colourful fabrics for band size: 28-46 and cup sizes: D-K

Elomi : Band size: 34-48 and Cup sizes: DD-JJ

Fantasie : Offering a band size ranging from 30-40 and cup sizes from D-J

If this doesn’t helps, then there are a few more names for you which are equally helpful:

  • Freya
  • Miss Mandalay
  • TuttiRonge
  • Elila

If by any means, you don’t find any of the above brands in the stores near you, then hit online. Yes, you read it right. Online retailers will provide you the same quality products maybe with good discounts, only if you’re lucky.

Best Plus Size Bras

Bras For Plus Size Ladies

Full Size Bras

Large Size Bras

Plus Size Bras

Don’t get confused, and order maximum number of bras, try them, if you like it, keep it or simply return. After all it’s a matter of your comfort and looks. I hope this much will help you find that perfect size ending it on a good note. Every day the bra industry launches new section of bras, nothing to worry.


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1   135
4   149
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